Monday, September 29, 2008

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry

Oh how that quote sums up our weekend. Crazy, and nothing like what we had planned. In the end, we have a huge financial decision to make and we're both exhausted from stress. Let's start from the beginning, Nick had to be in St. Louis for work obligations at 10:00am which meant leaving our house at 6:30am. No big deal, he was busy from 10-3ish and I was going to enjoy some much needed shopping at the various malls. I had a great time, found some great deals, took care of some early Christmas presents, and some very belated birthday presents. I was to pick him up at 3:15...well I go to leave our hotel to pick him up and our car will not go into reverse. I tried everything...we had plenty of power in drive...but no backing was allowed. I called Nick, he got a ride to the hotel and we determined the transmission was having huge issues. Transmission issues at 110,000 miles?!? I thought this happened so much later in a car's life...Keep in mind we are 3.5 hours from home, and had great plans for a nice short trip to St. Louis. After a few tears, curse words, and a lot of calls home, we determined there was nothing we could do so we rented a car, enjoyed our evening at the Cards game and tried to enjoy ourselves. Saturday came and we drove home, at 65 mph on the interstate, and brought the car directly to my parents' house so we could borrow one of their extra cars.
The rest of the weekend involved us waivering back and forth between: Do we spend $1400 and fix the transmission? or Do we just buy a new car? This might seem simple to some, but there are so many factors involved...the main one is: We only have 8 payments left before his car is completely paid off!!! AHHHHHH!!! Frustration doesn't even begin to describe it. We've had lots of opinions and lots of discussions and we still haven't decided exactly what to do. So...right now we are just praying for wisdom from God. I know God has this all worked out and this is such a simple bump in the road for us--however, it seems quite large at the time. At this point, I think He's just trying to teach us that no matter how much we have things planned and analyzed to the point of one knows what the next day holds but for Him. To trust & have faith in him during every situation is such a challenge, but I know we will be better off in life if that's exactly what we do. Hopefully in a few weeks, or months we'll be able to look back, laugh, and be thankful for what God taught us during this decision.

Nick with our disabled car (the black one in the background) & our rental, or Ladybug, as I liked to call it. ;o)

At least we were able to relax and enjoy a nice fire outside on Saturday night...then we didnt' have to think about anything at all.

Oh, and the devil dog...don't you love his glowing green eyes?!? On top of the car issues, we come home and he is limping badly on his left front paw. However, it doesn't seem to hurt him and he still wants to go for hopefully it's something simple and he'll be better soon. ;o)

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