Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bogey Golf, Cider Days, Mighty Mite Football, & Bogey Messes

So with my brother Nick being out of college and finished with his college football days, and my husband Nick being almost finished with his golfing season...we actually had a fall weekend with no set plans. However, that certainly didn't stop us from being super busy with lots of fun activities. Saturday morning we headed up to a fun little 9 hole golf course in Springfield (a little background info: Nick is an amazing golfer and currently if someone asks if I golf, my response is: I have clubs...that's about it--however, Nick is working very hard to teach me to at least be decent so we can enjoy his favorite activity together). Anyways, we headed to the course and I actually played incredibly well. I shot Bogey golf, which is just one over par on each hole. Not too bad, as long as you don't count all the mulligan's off the tee. I failed to take any pictures, but I've included a picture of us playing at another course when we were in Wisconsin with his family back in August.

After the golf outing, we headed to Cider Days...a fall festival in Springfield on beautiful historic Walnut Street. The festival was slightly disappointing as it didn't have any "genuine" cider and there were people everywhere. We left after about 30 minutes and headed back to Republic to gather some fall decorations for our front step at a local pumpkin stand. We picked up 8-10 various pumpkins and gourds and a bale of hay. I'll post some pictures after we've finished with it. It's going to look wonderful. The rest of Saturday consisted of a short visit to our next door neighbor's for their little boys 1st Birthday Party, a visit home to Marionville to have dinner with my Grandma & Grandpa and then on to my cousin's Mighty Mite Football game. Needless to say, we were exhausted after our busy day.

Today was mainly a day with errands and duties as I had a meeting after church, a trip to the grocery store, and laundry on my agenda. On Sunday's we normally leave Bogey loose in the backyard to get some exercise since we're only going to be gone for a few hours. Needless to say, today was a day when that was a bad idea. Nick came home to find that Bogey had managed to pull off the lid to our firepit, pull out the burnt wood and also scatter the ashes all over our patio. As you can see he was quite proud of himself!

We have small group tonight at 5 and I'm super excited for this to begin up again. It's so refreshing to spend time each week with other couples and have fellowship. I hope everyone else had a good weekend--I know I'm ready for a nap!

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Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I'm laughing because I can tell you we've had a LOT of surprises like that from our two labs. But then one look at their sweet faces and how can you stay mad?