Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Puppy School: Lesson #2

Well, puppy school went quite well on Monday evening. Nick is the main trainer and I just sit off to the side so as not to be a distraction--however, I'm not sure how this is considered an issue with 10-12 untrained dogs in a small space. This week's lesson involved more sitting, laying down, staying, and walking on a loose leash. I think Nick might be a little disappointed in Bogey's progress, but I think he's doing great. I got him some new treats and I definitely think he's liking those much better. The instructor always seems to pick Bogey for demonstrations...I'm not sure if it's because he needs the practice or if he's just too darn cute to ignore. Hopefully he'll continue to get better and better! This morning I was actually able to do 2 pushups (one pushup is a sequence of sit and down). I think this is a huge accomplishment for a 60 lb ball of fun (& slobber) !

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