Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Confession Time

Last night at my parents' house, a group of 6 men & 3 women met to do something that I never thought I would do. Yes, this is hard for me to confess...but I must tell the truth & so here it is...we held a Fantasy Football Draft. Whew...there it is, my confession. Hubby decided that I might enjoy participating last year so I obliged because we needed an extra team. I have always been a huge sports fan & football is probably my favorite. I do have quite an extensive knowledge of sports in general from nightly updates on Sportscenter with my Hubby to following my older cousins and then my brother through many years of high school and college athletics.

However, I think that playing Fantasty Football might have crossed the line...I mean what am I doing participating in what has become a time-honored tradition for many men in our lives?!? You pick a team based on nothing but pre-season rankings & then cheer for those players individually each week on Thursday night, Sunday (ALL DAY), and then again on Monday night hoping that they perform good enough as individuals to help your own personal team. CONFUSED?!?...yes, so am I! But I participate because as much as I hate to admit it, it is kind of fun...and I will certainly take it seriously because since we're being honest...there's a cash prize involved!!


Lindsey said...


Mrs. A said...

LOL Mr. A participates in a fantasy football team and they had their draft Friday night they also have cash prizes involved so as much as I hate all the time spent in front of the TV watching certain players I don't mind the cash reward. I think the boy's heads might spin if I said I wanted to play.

Lyr said...

Oh... don't feel bad! LOTS of guys do it. lol, but you are too cute!!