Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Outdoor Space minus Bogey

Ever since we got Bogey the one thing that has frustrated Hubby to no end is that we can't spend time outside on our patio. Bogey is either all over us or we're sitting in mismatched chairs (because Bogey is slowly destroying one of the wicker chairs) that are surrounded by remnants of dog toys, yellow dog hair, dirt, grass clumps, etc. Doesn't that just leave you with a nice relaxing picture?

We love to grill, love to use our firepit for smores or just to relax, and just like being outside in general; however, Bogey has made that nearly impossible or it becomes quite the task when we want to use our outdoor space. So...last week I come home to Hubby surrounded by pieces of paper, a tape measure, a yard stick, a pencil & a drawing of what I can only decipher as a preliminary idea for a...wait for it...DECK!!!!

Back up about 2 years: When we were building our house we had the option to either put a patio or a deck & after much deliberation we (meaning Hubby) chose the patio so we wouldn't have to maintain the wood of a deck. I only gave into this decision after Hubby promised to have the patio stained & engraved to look like tile (which I absolutely love!!!). I grew up with a deck and this was definitely my preference, but Hey..I was planning our wedding at the same time and my decisions were focused on blue chair ties or chair covers & silver candleabras or more flowers instead of wood or concrete!

Alright, so to get back on track...Hubby initially thought he wanted to build the deck himself, but after some research we decided it was much more feasible and would happen much more quickly if we would simply hire someone to do this project for us. So...needless to say, Hubby called a couple of people, got some good referrals, and on Monday night a guy came out to give us an estimate. They're building the deck today...yes, I said today...only about a week after Hubby originally brought up the idea. The deck will be complete with a gate so we can choose whether we want Bogey to join us or not!

To say I'm excited is probably an understatement, I had to think about it a bit, but now I can't wait for us to have a place to eat outside, have a fire pit, and enjoy the weather without Bogey getting everything so gross! I'll be sure to have pictures tomorrow!

Oh and just so you know, I've told Hubby that for any other big ideas I am requiring at least a 14 day cooling off period...I would never want him to think that every idea he has is so wonderful! ;o)

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Kristin said...

JEALOUS!! I'm dying for a deck. Sadly, in Florida they're just too much work to maintain. Boo. I did just get a super sweet patio set to go in our screened in porch!