Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Rewind

We had a great weekend, but I will have to say it was anything but relaxing. It seemed like we ran from one thing to another...I guess that's what happens when you're out of town!

Friday night, we grabbed dinner at a local Chinese restaurant that has the BEST crab rangoon ever! Yum...I think I could have easily made a meal out of them! After dinner we headed to Best Buy; the computer we are currently using my parents bought for me when I was a junior in college--7 years ago! It has had the hard drive replaced twice and has unfortunately started giving us the blue screen of death on occasion. We made the decision to bite the bullet while we have money in savings so that we won't have to scramble around when the computer finally bites the bullet. We found a really nice HP computer with tons of storage space, Office preinstalled, & a years worth of anti-virus for a really good price. I hate spending large amounts of money at a time, but after we went and picked it up yesterday I knew we had made the right's a pic of our new toy!

Saturday morning I had to work until noon--after work Hubby & I grabbed a quick lunch then headed out to our favorite local nursery and bought some mums and a variety of other fall plants to redo the planters around our house. We also headed over to our favorite place to buy pumpkins, gourds, and all other things fall! Hubby is notorious for going overboard on the pumpkin purchasing and this year was no different! By the time we were done, we had 11 various gourds/pumpkins, 1 bale of straw, 2 corn stalks, 5 ears of Indian corn, & 5 small decorative gourds. I do have to admit that the finished product looked fantastic & always love how our front porch looks for the fall!
Some close-ups of our gourd/pumpkin/corn collection!

Saturday evening I headed out with some girlfriends for an impromptu Bachelorette Party--she is getting married in St. Lucia in the middle of October! We grabbed a nice dinner & then headed out to our local piano bar for some fun! The party was pretty laid back--not too wild & crazy which was definitely nice! Congrats Tacy!!!

It had been raining off and on pretty much all day, but when we headed to the piano bar the rain had basically stopped so I dropped my umbrella off at my car--BAD CHOICE!!! We went and hung out for about an hour or so and then decided it was time to head home. We walked outside to a was pouring cats, dogs, & any other animal that you can think of! I had left my car parked by the restaurant because I knew I wouldn't find anything closer & especially not anything where we wouldn't have to we headed out for the 3-4 block trek to our car! Let me just say...I have not been that wet while fully dressed in a long time! Needless to say the 3 of us that were headed to our cars together were soaked head to toe and cackling as we ran down the sidewalks in our heels, traipsing through water that was no less than 6-8 in. DEEP!!! I had water running down my back all the way home--but what a fun experience! We tried to stop at an overhang and grab a picture but it was raining so hard that was nearly impossible! At least we have the memories!!!

Sunday we went to church where it seemed like we needed to re-introduce ourselves since we'd been gone for 2 weeks! We grabbed a quick lunch, went and picked up the computer, & then headed home. We got there just in time to meet my mom & grandma to head to a baby shower for my cousin! I failed to take any photos but she got some super cute stuff for their little boy! While I was gone Hubby planted our fall planters & they look soo good!

Just one of our FIVE fall pots!

When I got home, we headed to small group--what a refreshing time to be with so many couples who are striving to live for God & learn more about what living for Him looks like! Our study this time is about parenting & while Hubby & I obviously don't have kids, we're looking forward to gaining lots of insight that I'm sure we'll use in the future! it's time to start a new week--but a short one for me because our annual fall festival is this weekend & our office closes at noon on Friday! YIPEE!!!

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fun weekend! The fall goodies look great!!