Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Well for the most part it was a pretty low-key weekend for us. A little hectic at times, but nothing crazy. Friday night we had a quick dinner at Qdoba and then came home for full-on garage sale prep. And to think...we were actually worried we wouldn't have enough stuff to even participate! Ha!

Our setup...plenty of clothes, furniture, and other junk (or fabulous finds for some)!

We were both able to man the garage for a few hours and then I headed off to work. It was a VERY slow morning at work so after a couple hours I came back home to help him finish up. Overall we did pretty well, we made $250 in a litle over 5 hours and that didn't include the full bedroom suit we were trying to sell. Our plan is to put that on Craigslist and hopefully we'll find the right person looking for new bedroom furniture.

Saturday also included a bridal shower and then a trip to our favorite greenhouse. Hilltop Farms is an incredible place for flowering annuals & perennials. We stocked up and bought enough lantana, petunia waves, spike grass, geraniums, etc., etc,. etc., to fill 8 different planters along with a few things to add to our flower beds. Wow...we've got some serious planting ahead of us! I'll be posting pictures as we get the flowers in pots and in the ground!

Hilltop's courtyard...such a fun place to buy flowers!

We loaded up our flowers and then headed to one of our favorite pizza joints for dinner. Yummmm, such a fabulous Saturday!

Sunday included church, lunch at Houlihan's, some shopping for our upcoming trip to Maui, and then some relaxation at home. It rained all afternoon and was ridiculously cold for the first of May so Hubby & I took that as a sign that we should spend most of the afternoon curled up napping! It was fabulous!

We finished up the low-key weekend with our final Small Group of the year. We've got an evening at the park scheduled for a few weeks from now but as far as digging into the Word, it's time for Summer break. Booo...definitely gonna miss seeing my best friends every week!


Lyryn said...

Everyone had sales this week! I swear! lol! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

Megan said...

Woohoo for making some money! We could totally have a garage sale, but I dread having to prepare for it.

Bethany said...

Sad that we won't be gathering weekly. Let's make sure to get together for some girl time!!!!!!!!!

Llama said...

Good luck selling the bedroom set, im sure you cant wait to find someone to take it! It takes up so much storage space lol! Whoo hoo for the $250! I think thats awesome!