Friday, May 27, 2011

Aloha Maui!

I figured after being home for two weeks, it might be time to start getting some of the Maui recap posts here we go!

I can't talk about the day we arrived in Maui without mentioning our first flight out of Southwest Missouri. We were scheduled to take off at 6:00 am and we arrived to the airport just as the rains began to fall. I was of course watching the radar on my phone, hoping the weather would move through before it was time to depart. moved through all right, the next hour in the air was probably the worst flight of my life. The pilot kept tryign to climb to get out of the storm and as we would climb, the plane would then suddenly drop as the turbulence did its thing. It was the longest hour of my life and by the end I was definitely stressed out & Nick had a horrible case of motion sickness. Thankfully we were both able to relax on our 9 hour flight from Chicago to Maui, but it's definitely not a flight I want to relive anytime soon!

We arrived mid-afternoon, Maui time, rented our Jeep Wrangler and headed to the hotel. I was a little nervous about the quality of our hotel after reading some recent reviews on Trip Advisor, but I shouldn't have worried. We were upgraded to a full ocean view room with a beautiful view of the ocean and pool area. It was paradise.

From our balcony the afternoon of arrival...I wish I could wear a lei all the time in Southwest Missouri, they smell so good!
We waited on our luggage to be brought up, quickly changed our clothes and headed to find something to eat. The Barefoot Bar @ the Hula Grill was our destination and it couldn't have been more perfect after a LONG day of travel!

The view we woke up to each morning...the waterfalls in the background and the tropical birds...can't ask for more!

After dinner we forced ourselves to walk around, knowing that if we went to the room we'd end up going right to bed. And...even with trying to stay up, we were in bed by 7:30 Maui time, which was 12:30 CST. We slept long and hard and spent the entire day on Sunday resting, relaxing, and burning our bodies to a crisp!

We decided to splurge on our beach chairs for the few days we needed them. We rented a personal cabana each day to have a view of the ocean! We quickly found out that cabana rental also included our own personal cabana attendant who delivered ice cold lemon water frequently throughout the day & fresh pineapple in the about living the life of luxury!

The clouds were fully covering the sun, and I should have been smarter...but both Hubby & I managed to give our bodies a nice tomato tan on the first day!

Our activity on beach days consisted of nothing more than walking down the beach!

For dinner we headed into Lahaina and had dinner at Lahaina Pizza Co....see this expectant momma definitely had to watch her seafood intake on this trip!

Every restaurant we chose HAD to have a view of the ocean...the Lahaina Pizza Company definitely fit this requirement with it's 2nd floor open air dining!

We were in bed again early on Sunday, but not quite the 7:30 from the night before; I don't think our bodies ever fully adjusted to the 5 hour time difference!


Callie Nicole said...

How lovely! Makes me miss Hawaii so much. :-)

Megan said...

Wow...beautiful pictures!! I think I need someone to deliver fresh pineapple to home. Haha.