Monday, May 23, 2011

A Not So Boring Weekend...

Well, as you've all probably heard by now....what started out as a rainy weekend in Southwest Missouri, ended in devastation for many as the town of Joplin, MO was ripped to pieces by a tornado. Hubby & I live about an hour from the devastation and he grew up about 20 min. south of Joplin, so this definitely hit a little too close to home.

So many reports are still coming in, but the photos are almost too difficult to look at and I know from previous tornado experience that the pictures, video, and stories do absolutely no justice to the true devastation being felt by so many.

You can go here to find out how to help...Joplin MO Recovery or here to view so many of the stories and view the devastation...KY3 News.

What adds insult to injury is the fact that more rain & storms have been occurring throughout the day today. We live about an hour from the devastation and have witnessed our own share of tornadic damage in the past. My prayers and thoughts are with all those suffering.

It seems a little calloused to share the rest of the weekend after such horrible tragedy, but Hubby & I actually had a great weekend before dealing with the weather last night!

Friday was really nothing more than a casual night out, I wasn't feeling the greatest so we had dinner at a local pizza place and then came home to watch a movie. It was just what I needed and I definitely felt much better on Saturday!

And it's a good thing...Saturday was the 6th Annual Running of the Squirrels 5k! The name of the race is another story, for another day, but it was a ton of fun! I had good intentions of actually running, but ended up walking with my mom and we had a blast! We all joined in with close to 400 other participants and it was a beautiful morning. Hubby ran the entire thing and was definitely pleased with his time, even with his lack of traning & preparation!

Hubby, myself, & my momma before the big race!

At the starting line...

Hubby, hot & tired! He finished in right at 28 minutes! Of course, it was a little humbling for him when the top runner in his age group was at 17:04! Man, that's fast...

My cousin & his girlfriend after the race...these 2 also ran and did a great job!

My mom & I sprinting to the finish line...

...ok, well maybe not sprinting, but we sure made our finish look good!

Our company is actually the title sponsor of the event, so my dad got to participate in handing out some prizes!

After the morning fun, I headed to work and then spent the rest of the afternoon working around the house and relaxing in the warm sunshine on our deck! It was perfect.

Saturday night Hubby & I had date night with dinner at a local Mexican place along with a showing of Water for Elephants. LOVED this movie! Certainly some changes from the book, but nothing that totally ruined the original story.

Sunday was another jam-packed day. We headed to the early church service with my parents and I joined them in singing on stage for one song. We used to sing as a family quite frequently when I was living at home and it was actually really nice to be back up there singing with them. It was a special occasion for me to attend church back home, my grandma celebrated her 75th birthday on Wednesday and we thought it would be a nice gift to all sing together once again.

After church it was time for party-prep. My parents' hosted the gathering at their house and thankfully all of my grandma's siblings were able to attend. She is the oldest of 8 with 6 still living and it was great to see some of my distant family that I only see every once in awhile. I think she had a great time and it was fun to see everyone come together to celebrate her life!

The tablescape...

Our immediate family: Hubby & I, Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, & my brother & his wife Millie

Her yummy cake

All the girls...what a beautiful group of godly women!

And the sibling shot...sort of from oldest to youngest going up the stairs...

And then after the party, Hubby & I headed to our final small group gathering of the year. We had originally planned on a cook-out at a local park, but decided last minute to move it to a house with plenty of room...and a basement. We were all eating and having a great time when the reports started coming in that all hell had broken loose and it was headed our way. Thankfully, the majority of the storm went south & decreased in intensity as it continue on across Southwest Missouri...but certainly not before causing a lot of stressful situations.

However, once the calm AFTER the storm, God sent his reminder of how good He is, all the time.

A rainbow filled the eery sky...

..and not just one rainbow, but two! It was beautiful, but definitely a little creepy as lightning flashed in the background!

And the clouds were even more strange as the sun began to set...

...another reminder of how powerful weather can be and how things can change so quickly!

I was definitely a little more thankful for my safety, my home, and electricity last night as I thought & prayed for all those in Joplin who had no where to go. This storm will go down as the deadliest storm in Missouri history, and the city of Joplin will certainly never be the same. Hubby & I have already briefly discussed what we can do to help...I think I know where all those clothes are going that we had left over after the garage sale...


Kati said...

I can't believe all the images coming out of Joplin. I've had a sick feeling stomach since it happened yesterday. One of my best friends who lives in Joplin lost her home...completely flattened. I'm also trying to find the best way to help! So sad. Love the rainbow pictures though...what a great reminder of God's love!

Tiffany said...

Girl, you did have a BUSY weekend! First of all, I cannot believe Joplin. My heart is just broken for all of the families affected. My prayers are with the city of Joplin. I can't believe it is so close to you all.

So fun that you and your mom walked the 5K together! It looks like a great time! You look wonderful missy!!