Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Start, Slow Finish Weekend

It was definitely the tale of two weekends for Hubby & I the past three days. Friday night & Saturday were both busy, busy but thankfully today included practically no plans which was a welcome relief!

Friday night was the bachelorette party for one of my best girlfriends! We had a fairly casual, but fun night planned for her and I think she definitely counted the celebration a success. We started out with heavy appetizers & inappropriate cake at one of the other girls' homes and had a quick little personal shower before heading out.

The beautiful bride-to-be with one of her gifts! ha!

Being preggo, I was of course one of the designated driver's, and also got the privilege of being behind the camera to capture all the fun! However, to protect the guilty and also the innocent, I decided to leave most of my pictures safe & sound on my computer! ha!

A serious group photo before heading out for the scavenger hunt...

and of course a funny shot as well...

After opening gifts, we headed to downtown Springfield for some fun and to help Andrea out with completing her bachelorette scavenger hunt! It was seriously such a blast & she was such a great sport...but this preggo's feet & legs were exhausted by the end of the night. It was close to 1 a.m. before I made it into bed, and trust me, this girl didn't stay up until 1 a.m. even before I was preggo!

All the girls' at one of our downtown stops~not sure what's going on with Bethany in the middle of the photo!

Unfortunately, my body has been so accustomed to NOT sleeping in, that I wasn't really able to catch up on much sleep on Saturday morning. However, we didn't have any plans so I took advantage of that and managed to stay in bed until close to 11...even if I wasn't sleeping, at least I was resting! I was really worried that after the night before my ankles would be all swollen...thankfully I was wrong!

We did receive a package especially for Elyse from her Mamaw & Pappy in Michigan! It came on Friday, but Hubby & I weren't home together to open it until Saturday morning! While I love these fun packages, I'm so happy we won't be receiving them much longer...since they'll be moving back in hopefully less than a year! Yippee!

Inside were some homemade baby washclothes, a receiving blanket & a matching burp rag for our precious baby girl. I just love all the homemade items!

Saturday afternoon Hubby & I headed down to Branson with hopes of finding some good deals on summer clothing closeouts for Elyse. I hate to admit it, but it was a big fat failure in that regards, but we did have a fun time looking around and looking at various things for our little girl!

We finished off the evening with pizza at Reeds Spring Pizza Co. Several months ago, they were voted by USA Today as having the best pizza in Missouri and we had yet to try it out! We were definitely happy with the pizza, but I'm not sure I would vote it as the absolute best in Missouri. Honestly, I'm not sure how you would even choose the best pizza in Missouri...there's just too much variety!

We came home and I hit the couch early...I was exhausted from being on my feet so much!

Today we had a laidback morning and went to the 2nd service at church because Hubby had a meeting after the service for small group leaders. The meeting was short & sweet and instead of working around the house or getting much of anything accomplished, we've spent most of the entire afternoon lounging on the couch watching tv and snoozing! It's been a great change from the past two days!

Tonight we'll head off for another small group meeting & then it'll be time for another work week...I can't believe that this week marks the start of September! The summer just flew by!


Dana-v said...

Love Singer! Sounds like you guys had fun!

Meg {henninglove} said...

what a wonderful week!! and what packaging on the present. enjoy your small group tonight, mine is always a wednesday blessing :-)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love the bachelorette party and that you were the DD:-) The wrapping on Elyse's gift..amazing! Have an awesome week!

Amanda said...

you did have a busy weekend! glad you tried out that pizza place. i have never heard of it....but i love trying any and all pizza places! haha!

Megan said...

Goodness!! Y'all were busy!! We worked all weekend so it was nothing fun at all.