Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: Beautiful!

I absolutely LOVE three-day weekends. LOVE THEM. Ok, let's be honest. I'm not really sure if I love the 3-day weekend or if I love the 4-day work week that follows...but either way I'd take more of them if I could!

Hubby & I have had a full plate this weekend but as I sit here tonight, I feel incredibly good about the productive weekend we've had!

Friday night we officially moved the guest bed out of Elyse's future room and transported it up to Hubby's aunt's house. It obviously wasn't a one-MAN job, so my dad helped out with his strength along with their truck and we got things moved quite quickly. Afterwards we headed to a local sports' bar for a casual dinner and enjoyed some great conversation with my parents. (Even though I work with my dad every day & see my mom normally once a day as well, it's still so nice to spend some time with them outside of the work environment!)

Saturday was a busy day! I headed to work until noon while Hubby went off and ran a 5k. He's in training for his first 1/2 Marathon in November! yikes! I'll definitely be the extremely pregnant woman standing on the side of the road cheering as loud as I can! After a quick lunch at home, we headed out for the day's main event...Hubby's cousin's wedding in Fayetteville, AR. We took advantage of the no-dinner reception, and a had a wonderful dinner beforehand at Theo's. We practically had the place to ourselves since most every normal person in Fayetteville was just a few blocks away at the U of A football game! Dinner was fabulous and such a good choice for before the ceremony.

Speaking of the actual wedding...yeah, I have NO photos. Mainly because this girl felt as if she was going to MELT! The ceremony was outside and with no breeze it was ridiculously hot! With a 2-hour drive home, Hubby & I made our presence known and then gracefully headed out.

Yesterday was the most laid back of the weekend. Nothing major...just our typical Sunday schedule with church, lunch, and some time on the couch. We did meet up with Hubby's mom & aunt before his mom headed back to Michigan today. The weather has finally turned to Fall, and we finished off the evening with a nice walk around our subdivision. I'm so thankful for some cooler temps to be able to enjoy the outdoors!

Today was probably the highlight of the weekend...well, at least for me! It's been a productive Labor Day as we got Elyse's nursery painted, picked up my rocker/glider and ottoman and Hubby even had some time to work outside. ALL of the windows are open, the a/c is turned to OFF, and it's been a fabulous day!

And...this is what we've been up to all day!

A before shot...

Finally filling in the scripture to represent our precious baby girl...

With the windows open...Bogey was able to watch us all day!

And an after shot...complete with my new rocker/glider & ottoman!

So what do you think? Does he fit the part?!?

Can't wait to hold my baby girl in this chair!

It was a fabulously productive day...bring on the work week!


Laura said...

You are so adorable! I LOVE the scripture on the wall, the wall color, and the pattern on the glider! Can't wait to see the room come together!

*~~Nancy~~* said...

Love the rocker!! Where did you find it??

Jennifer said...

What a fun rocker/glider/chair thing - so cute! Love the wall color and I can't wait to see your nursery come together. So fun seeing you guys practice holding your little one. (o: Preparing for the baby is such an exciting time!

Bethany said...

I love the pic of Nick in the chair! So cute. And I can't wait to see the room filled with all those amazing colors you have picked! The paint and chair look awesome.

Casa Cannon said...

love love love the chair!! where did you get it?

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Wow! Seems like you had an incredibly productive weekend! By the way...I absolutely LOVE your black and white chair!
~Alex from

Mrs. Pancakes said...

sounds like a wonderful week! I love the quote on Elyse's are giving me so many ideas!

Megan said...

Y'all are always so productive on weekends!! I love love LOVE that glider!! So fabulous!