Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our First "Fall" Weekend

Things were definitely feeling a lot more like fall around here this weekend. Friday was fairly nice outside, but definitely much cooler and the rest of the weekend brought dreary, rainy, cloudy, weather. However, with the drought we've been having I'm not complaining about a rainy weekend!

Friday was a short day for me because our town festival was this weekend and makes it virtually impossible to get to our office on Friday afternoon. So...we shut down early & I enjoyed a short Friday at work. I spent some of the afternoon decking our house for fall and enjoyed getting out my pumpkin collection. I really try to avoid holiday specific decorations for the fall, i.e. Halloween or Thanksgiving, so I don't have to redecorate again until Christmas. Most everything stayed the same, but I did take some inspiration from Pinterest and came with this new decoration. I think it turned out pretty darn cute and I'm glad I was able to repurpose something I already had out for the spring/summer and turn it into something for fall.

Old-fashioned milk carton holder filled with candy corn, some decorative sticks, & a piece of fall ribbon...such an easy transformation!
And with the sticks down in the candy corn, now I'm not tempted to eat it!

Hubby & I spent Friday evening at home. I made BBQ Chicken Pizza...Yum! We also made a trip to our favorite pumpkin place & managed to get quite the deal since their cash register wasn't working properly. Now we just need to pick up some mums and some cornstalks and our front porch will be all set for fall!

We finished off Friday evening with popcorn and a movie on the couch. We watched Something Borrowed and it was definitely enjoyable. I assumed I would like the movie, but you never know when a book you really enjoy is made into a can either be really good or really bad!

Saturday we headed down to my parents' house so I could hang out with my mom while Hubby helped my dad at an event for the town festival....the annual duck race! I was hoping to get some great photos of 340 yellow plastic duckies floating down the creek, but the torrential rain & thunderstorms kind of ruined those plans! They still held the race though...because it certainly was a good day to be a duck!!

Hubby & I spent the rest of the afternoon watching football with my parents & then headed out to run some errands and have dinner. I was in desperate need of another pair of maternity jeans & a few other things! We had a nice dinner at HuHot Monogolian Grill, picked up birthday presents for our nephews, and called it a night!

Today was church, followed by nursery/preschool duty, followed by another rainy afternoon...perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap! We finished off the evening with small group & seriously it's such a great way to end the weekend! Sure..there are times when I wish we could just stay home and prepare for the week, but I've decided there's no better way to get recharged for the week than to gather together with 10 or so of your favorite people who love on you and encourage you! What a blessing!


Belly B said...

I love the pumpkins!!!! So gorgeous!
And what you did with the candy corn is sooo adorable.

Belly B :)

Jennifer said...

Love what you did with the sticks and the candy corn. I love that its starting to feel more like fall too. (o:

Natalie said...

OooO! Love your little DIY!

Meg {henninglove} said...

guess what? my husband and i watched something borrowed on Friday as well :-) it wasn't what i thought it would be, but i definitely enjoyed the movie overall. love the fall decorations lauren they are super cute!

Angela said...

CUTE decorations! I put my stuff out this weekend, too, but I'm really into Halloween so my stuff was definitely specific. :)

~ Angela

Mrs. Pancakes said...

uhmmm...Lauren you are great at decorating..wanna come do my apartment?! glad it was such eventful weekend!

Megan said...

That's so cute!!! Where do you get the milk carton thing? I love it! And yes, that's my goal this year, to decorate for fall...NOT Halloween or Thanksgiving. I only want to decorate once! Haha!

Lauren said...

I LOVE your porch decorations - so pretty!