Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Easter 2012

I honestly don't know that we could have asked for a better 1st Easter Weekend for our family!  Our office was closed on Good Friday afternoon and I was able to spend the afternoon hanging out with Elyse while Nick did some yardwork.  Friday evening we went out to dinner with a large group of friends for a Surprise Birthday party for a very dear friend.  She casually mentioned to her husband that she couldn't remember the last time she had an actualy "party" for her birthday so he took that as his cue.  We all met up at a local hibachi steakhouse & had a wonderful time fellowshipping!  My parents kept Elyse & we were able to have a nice date night out!  Of course I failed to take even a single photo!

Saturday was a fairly busy day with Easter preparations.  Nick played golf in the morning while Elyse & I hung out at the house.  I made this yummy Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake and it was a big hit on Sunday afternoon.  It was a little bit of a rainy Saturday so we laid around the house and I think we all took a little bit of a nap at some point!  After naps, it was time for dinner & we had a fabulous meal of steak, asparagus, baked potatoes, and grilled bread...delicious! 

And then it was time for Elyse's first Easter tradition...Dying Easter Eggs!  Of course she didn't really participate this year, but I can't wait until next year when she's able to be a little more involved!

Daddy & Elyse dying eggs!

Daddy stealing some sugar!

and Daddy mimicking our precious baby girl who likes to stick her entire hand in her mouth!!

Momma, Elyse & our finished eggs! 

Easter Sunday morning Hubby & I got ready for church while Elyse extended her sleep in our bed for awhile. 

I think she's already ready for pictures...check out that pose!

 All ready for church in her Easter dress!

Before heading to church we opened 2 of Elyse's Easter baskets...

Easter Basket #1 from Mamaw & Pappy:  Some fun bunny books, a cute Polo outfit, a swimming suit & cover-up, some bath toys, & another cute play toy.

Easter Basket #2 from Mommy & Daddy:  A fun Musical dino toy, a cute Zutano romper, purple sparkly fingernail polish, Praise Baby DVD, The Beginner's Bible (her first Bible), & an embroidered wipes case. 

Momma, Elyse, & her new toy...Daddy volunteered to be the one to pick up the balls!  ha!

We headed off to church where we had a wonderful service about how absolutely nothing is impossible with God and then had a quick little Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos in between services.  Obviously Elyse isn't old enough to actually pick up the eggs, but Nick was insistent that we at least have a photo-op at her first egg hunt! 

Elyse's one Easter egg, which we donated to another child who actually understood the process. 

Our first Easter as a family of 3!

Elyse & Brooks in their first engagement photo!  ha! 

After church we quickly stopped by our house before heading down to my parents' house for the annual family Easter gathering.  Elyse was still awake and in fairly good humor so we snapped a few more photos before putting her down for a quick nap. 

Oh how God has blessed me!  The loves of my life!

Playing airplane with Daddy!

We had an incredible lunch with family, where way too much brisket, cornflake potatoes, and strawberry desserts (yes, plural) were consumed.  Afterwards we headed outside for another tradition, the egg toss!  We had some pretty serious casualties this year with several people ending up with a LOT of egg on them, and even a little bit of blood from the egg shell cutting their hands!  Normally the egg toss isn't quite so violent!  ha! 

Lined up & ready to toss...

 Obviously Hubby & I did not win!

We finished out the afternoon watching golf on tv & spending time with my brother & SIL who brough Elyse yet one more Easter basket!

Easter Basket #3:  An adorable finger puppet book & bunny from Pottery Barn Kids

 And finally Easter Basket #4 from Gigi & Papa:  Some fun Naartijie kids clothing, a Lamaze dinosaur toy, and a fun egg book!  Mommy & Daddy also got Easter baskets that included way too much candy and a new pair of shoes!  Toms for me, and Sperry Top-Siders for Hubby! 

I think we were all worn out after the busy but fabulous day!  


Megan said...

Cute pictures! Woo Hoo for Toms!! I love them.

Amanda said...

1) As predicted, Elyse was super adorable in her Easter dress (loved your dress, too!) My fav pic is the one of her and Daddy playing airplane.

2) That strawberry cake sounds amazing!

3) Toms rock!!

Bethany said...

Looks super fun and amazing! And may I just add, you look super slim and trim!! Love you guys!