Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Phone Call & A Fall

With this being my first day at home with Elyse since our vacation, I had plans for a nice relaxing day...maybe a walk around the neighborhood, maybe a trip to the store, or maybe just lounging around playing with baby girl.  Why oh why do they always have other plans? 

First of all, Elyse slept HORRIBLY last night.  I ended up sleeping with her from 3:30am on in our living...on the couch.  Yeah, I'll let you guess who got the better night's sleep of the 3 of us in our family!  ha! 

So...Elyse 1st #1 of the day...

Hubby took care of Elyse this morning while he was getting ready for work so I could just have a few more moments to myself before getting the day started.  As Hubby was passing Elyse back off to me, he casually says:  "Elyse called 911 this morning..."  Of course I'm in disbelief, but he quickly pulls out his phone and shows me the evidence. 9 months and 1 week of age, Elyse has made her first phone call. 

Apparently he gave her his phone to play with (which I totally am against) while he was in the bathroom getting ready.  As she was chewing on it, pressing buttons, and checking out all the details Hubby hears the words..."911, what's your emergency?"  He then had to proceed to explain to the operator that there really was no emergency, everyone really was fine, and it was just a 9 month old being too smart for her own good!  Needless to say she won't be having access to cell phones again anytime soon! 

Elyse and I had breakfast, played a little while and then it was naptime.  I was expecting a struggle this morning as her sleep has been ALL OVER THE PLACE, meaning waking up at ALL random times of the night for the past few weeks!  Yeah, sleep training is about to commence...I'm sure I'll have more on that subject very soon. 

Anyways, she struggled to go down and after trying to soothe her I simply left her a little fussy and she eventually fell asleep about 9:25.  Not even 30 minutes later, I hear her start to fuss again and I've determined that I will just leave her until she gets really upset or until 30 minutes has passed.  Well she stays fussy but the crying doesn't really go crazy until about 10:00ish.  I decide that I'll just grab a book and rock her back to sleep until naptime is over. 

And Elyse's 2nd #1 of the day...

Imagine my terror as I walk into the room and find sweet precious Elyse sobbing on the FLOOR!!!  Yeah, sweet baby girl has managed to crawl over the top of her crib and is now on the floor, sitting up, bawling, and staring into her closet.  Cue, MOMMA FREAK OUT MOMENT!!!  I of course quickly scoop her up, start crying, and run to my phone to call Hubby.  Elyse has practically quit crying at this point, but I'm a mess.  I try to explain to him as best I can what has happened, and thankfully he decides to come home from work (can I just say what a blessing it is to work for family!) 

By the time Hubby gets home, Elyse & I have both calmed down and she's back peacefully asleep in my arms.  Hubby quickly lowers the mattress and tries to assure me that it's not my fault & that it's going to be ok.  As Elyse sleeps, Hubby calls the doctor and we're reassured that this actually is a quite common occurrence and that we just need to keep an eye on her and make sure that she's acting like her normal self.  Once she wakes up from her nap, I feed her and Hubby gives her entire body a look and really there were no bumps or bruises to be found.  Just a little bit of a red spot on the front of her head...which is where we assume she landed. 

So yeah, I feel like a terrible mom & all I can picture is my baby flying through the air and landing on her head.  However, she seems to be fine and her mattress is now practically on the ground.  She'd have to be some sort of monkey to get out of there now.  So...for all you moms out there with infants...even if they're not showing any signs of pulling up on the crib, please lower your mattress sooner rather than later! 

And so of course my day was shot to pieces; however, we had Elyse's 9 month photo shoot tonight & she of course turned on the charm just like always.  I am so incredibly thankful that she's ok; definitely one of the scariest moments in my short career as a mom. 

I guess the only thing that would have made for a better story is if she had fallen and then later today made the call to 911...then there really might have been an emergency! 


Casa Cannon said...

oh my gosh that is so scary!!! sheesh, im glad she's okay.

Danavee said...

You had QUITE A DAY! Poor girl (mommy and baby)!!!!

Melanie said...

You poor momma!! How scary! I would have freaked too! Thankfully Makayla hasnt tried that trick and I hope she never does either! We got her mattress set down really low cant ever be too careful with them thats for sure! Glad she's ok!

Lindsey said...

YIKES! I'm so glad she is okay!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh what a not fun day at all poor Elyse, poor Mom and poor Dad. i hope things get better and don't beat yourself up for being a bad mom, I'm sure there are stories between mothers of incidents like this and you just gotta take it all in stride and thankfully Elyse wasn't seriously hurt but don't think of the what if that will make it worse

Mrs. Pancakes said...

That is super scary but totally not your fault...glad hubby and doctor reassured you!!! You are an awesome mom lady!! The calling are too smart aren't they!