Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Rewind~Fall has Arrived!

Well Fall has definitely arrived in our neck of the woods, temperatures over the weekend including highs in the 70s and lows in the upper 40s-low 50s!  I just love throwing open the windows in the house and turning off the a/c...there's just something about the smell of fresh air filling our home. 
Friday afternoon Hubby & I were off work because our local town festival was being held this weekend and our office is located right in the middle of everything.  We had plans to have a fun family outing to the zoo...Elyse's first visit!  However, I ended up laying down for a nap, Elyse fought her nap, and Hubby lost track of time installing the child locks on our cabinet.  So...the zoo will just have to wait.  We still headed out for the evening which included dinner at Qdoba (Elyse loves their guacamole!),  a stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a wedding gift, and dessert at Orange Leaf.  & by then...Elyse was done!  Time for bed! 
Seriously, this picture makes my child looks like she weighs twice what she does!  I hated to even show it, because it doesn't hardly even look like her...but it just cracks me up! 
Saturday morning Elyse & I spent the morning by ourselves while Hubby went & played golf with his dad. We just worked around the house & played while we waited on him to come home.  I did laundry and Elyse followed my every move...unless she wanted to take a moment to show off her new skills! 
Look mom, I pulled up & stood up by the couch all by myself! 
Hubby & his dad got to our house right about lunch time and brought food from a local burger joint!  Yumm!  We had a little while to relax before we headed out for Hubby's cousin's wedding.  I failed to snag any good family photos, but it was a beautiful evening for an outdoor wedding.
Elyse & cousin Jackson...she was not about to let us have her pacifier at this point! 

A little unsure about all the strangers around her!

Going for a walk with daddy...check out those leopard print leggings that Mamaw got her! 

Laughing with Mamaw!

& we tried to get a cousin pic...but it was a challenge!

One with Mamaw...Hunter was determined to hold Elyse! 
 Sunday morning we headed to church and didn't end up getting home until after 7:30 that evening!  After church we met up with my brother & my SIL along with my parents at a local park.  They have a huge pond with lots of ducks and some nice picnic areas.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside and Elyse loved to check out the pond and all the ducks! 
Hanging out with Uncle Nick

Elyse & Aunt Millie
 We gave Elyse dog-duty for a little bit...Josie was at the end of that leash, outside the picture. 
"Josie, Josie...come back!"

Checking out the ducks, the pond, and the rocks! 
After our picnic, we headed over to Mamaw & Pappy's house for a relaxing afternoon.  The guys watched golf with my MIL & I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and just chatted the afternoon away.  After Elyse's nap, she played & played & played! 
I'm a little nervous, but this girl is going to be walking so soon!

All ready for dinner!
It was a fabulous weekend with gorgeous weather!  & thankfully the gorgeous weather seems like it's going to stick around for awhile! 


Sara McCarty said...

She is so cute! I can't believe she's standing so well! She's going to be running in a matter of days! Wow. And I love her wedding outfit of denim and leopard print. What a little fashionista!

Megan said...

What a fun weekend! Those are the best, hanging out with family with no big plans. Love it! You're gonna have a walker soon momma!

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous - we had a tease of fall a couple of weeks ago and now it's back to warm and humid. )o: I want some more fall!

Glad you had a great weekend - always love seeing Elyse - she's a dollface! (o:

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Seriously Elyse is quite the fashionista and I love that she is standing up now:-) she will be walking soon!!

Danavee said...

That couch photo! HA! Love it.

Allison said...

OH, Qdoba and Orange Leaf are two of our favorites!! YUM-O!!!