Thursday, February 7, 2013

30 in 30

I failed to jump on the bandwagon for any sort of list of goals to accomplish before I turned, instead I decided to make a list of 30 things to do/achieve/work on/continue doing/see/etc. in my 30th year.
  1. Take a trip with just Hubby & I (we're already in the planning stage of this).  
  2. Take another family vacation to Florida in the fall.  
  3. Continue going to Zumba at least 2x a week.  
  4. Take Elyse to Story Hour at the local library. 
  5. Make healthier eating choices for me & my family. 
  6. Fix a new recipe for dinner at least once a month.  
  7. Read at least one fiction book each month, preferably at least 2.    
  8. Blog for myself, to keep track of the important events & the mundane details of our family's life.  
  9. Meal plan consistently to keep the grocery budget in check.   
  10. Go on family walks in the evenings during the summer.  
  11. Continue having a couple's devotional with Nick (we started Night Light by James Dobson and are really enjoying it).  
  12. Continue getting up a few minutes early to have my quiet time.  
  13. Have lunch with a at least one good friend a few times a month. (I've already got this scheduled to start this week!)
  14. Plan craft days with my mom to do some of those Pinterest projects that are stacking up.  
  15. Go out to lunch/shopping once a month with my mom & Elyse.  
  16. Try new learning activities with Elyse 1-2x per month on my days at home with her.  
  17. Have date night with Nick at least 1-2 times per month.  
  18. Schedule play dates with a few of my fellow momma friends.  
  19. Continue feeding Elyse new foods in the hopes of avoiding a picky eater!  
  20. Visit our local zoo on a regular basis with Elyse.  
  21. Read to Elyse from her Beginner's Bible on a more regular basis.  
  22. Take Elyse to at least one St. Louis Cardinals' game.  
  23. Just relax & enjoy time at home with my family.  
  24. Visit our local Discovery Center to play with Elyse.  
  25. Read & research some good parenting books for raising daughters.  
  26. Finish Elyse's baby book & order the photos to go in it.  
  27. Drink more water.  
  28. Run at least 4 5ks (Color Run-April 2013, Running of the Squirrels-May 2013, Running of the Lights-November 2013, Turkey Trot-November 2013)...maybe another one or two, maybe.    
  29. Plan more girls' nights or girls' days out!  
  30. Worry less.  
Several of these things I am already doing and I hope to continue them as we move through the year.  Most all are easily achievable or already in the planning stages, and as I look at this list I'm pretty excited for what my 30th year holds!  


Megan J. said...

Those are all great goals!! If you need another Spring 5K that is family friendly I am in charge of Junior League's Pitter Pat on Saturday, March 23 :)

Bethany Boaz said...

I hope I get to be part of those lunches and girls nights. ;) This is a great list!

Danavee said...

If you find the "drink more water" answer, PLEASE SHARE! It's on my list too, and I'm NOT good at it!

Casa Cannon said...

love numbers 14 and 30!