Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life Lately....

Life lately has been pretty status quo...minus the joyous family bonding time we've had by all sharing a sickness, it's been pretty fantastic.  Lots of things that are worth mentioning, just nothing that necessarily deserves a post all on its own.

*Hubby & I booked a trip.  It's in April.  We're going to the Dominican Republic.  By ourselves. Adults Only.  Elyse will be fine.  Elyse will be fine.  Elyse will be fine.  7 nights.  Elyse will be fine.

*In reference to the above post...I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT!!!  I am such a beach girl and Bavaro Beach is supposed to be incredible--5 glorious days in the sun & the sand with my Hubby. Yes please!

*I already bought my Easter dress, and my mom & I went today to purchase material to make Elyse's Easter dress.  I can't believe I already have those things checked off the list 6 weeks before Easter!

*After returning a few things I received for my birthday from Hubby, I had enough cash to treat myself to a new Coach purse.  My first purse since this time last year, I think I deserved it!  
A shoulder strap. Check.  Smallish, but big enough for a few little girl extras.  Check.  Springy & fun.  Check.  
*I still need to blog about my 30th birthday...if I do it within the month of my birthday then it's still on time right?!?

*We're having friends over for dinner tonight & we've been trying to get together for the past month but schedules & sickness & other happenings keep getting in the way.  I'm looking forward to some fun conversation!

*I've got to get better about meal planning.  It's really one of those things that saves our grocery budget & with sickness and other occasions I've been failing miserably.  We may be eating grilled cheese & PB&J for the rest of the month just because it's all my grocery budget can handle.  I'm kidding.  Sort of.

*I can't believe February is almost over.  Seriously, I've got crocus blooming & I feel like I should be getting all of my Spring decor out.

*A few weeks ago we decided pretty rapidly to buy a new washer/dryer because our dryer had started making a funny noise.  We bought a bright red front load set by Samsung.  I think I'm in love!
Yeah, I should probably get rid of that rug, who has a rug in the laundry room anyway?!?

*We're supposed to get a fairly significant Winter Storm in the next twenty-four hours...and I'm super excited.  We haven't had a good snow in a few years & we're due!  Here's to praying we get more snow than freezing rain/sleet!

*Hubby & I both had Presidents' Day off but instead of spending it together we all went separate ways.  Hubby headed out with his Dad on a quick golf outing, Elyse stayed with my MIL, & I spent the day with my bestie having a makeover at Sephora, eating some yummy lunch, and running errands.  It was a pretty great day!
And as a complete blogger failure, I didn't take any good before & after enjoy this nice, non-artistic shot of the brushes the lady used on my face!  
So this was all about US, and not about Elyse...but an Elyse lately update is coming soon as I can type out everything that she's been up to lately!


Danavee said...

THAT PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!! Outlet? Or mall store?

LOVE the red washer and dryer!!!!!!

Megan said...

Woah 7 days?!? Good luck, no seriously that sounds amazing!!! And I love the washer and dryer! Beautiful! I'm pretty sure my dryer is on its last leg as well, hope it dies soon so I can get pretty ones too!

Melanie said...

Yay for a beach trip!! We haven't been near a beach in like 10 years..we're long overdue! ;-)

Lindsey said...

I am also in love with your washer and dryer!!! Gorgeous!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

So lucky you are going on a trip. We went to Dominican for our honeymoon and it was amazing!!

toi said...

i want that purse, i am sure you look so stylish when you have that and your cute baby :)

Jennifer said...

Okay, the washer and dryer are SO much fun! Laundry is already my favorite chore - if mine looked like those, I'd never leave my laundry room.

A beach trip - oh that sounds divine. I'm hoping we can schedule one before the beach is very, very far away....

I've discovered the key to menu planning is to have at least two super easy dinner nights a week. Meaning plan something that takes very little effort. One of my go-to easy meals is often breakfast. Or we will just do soup and sandwiches. Just my two cents. (o:

And PS - Elyse will totally be fine! (o:

Susannah said...

That vacation sounds wonderful! I'm a beach girl too... And a travel girl... And a vacation girl... ;-)

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Seven days in the Dominican Republic! That will be awesome!!! And Elyse will be fine! Lol! :)

Love your coach purse and washer and dryer!!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

a trip? just the two of you?? yes that is necessary and you are right elyse will be fine, she will be absolutely fine and you will be fine too because you are on a wonderful trip with your fabulous husband

Sara said...

I'm so jealous of your DR trip. That sounds amazing. Yes, it'll be hard to be away, but it's also going to be freaking fantastic. Can I go? Please? PLEASE!