Friday, February 8, 2013

An Icky, Ucky, Croupy Day

Well the past two days have allowed us to experience another of Elyse's firsts.  She is currently dealing with her first official sickness (other than a cold)...Croup.  Ughhh...she sounds so pitiful. 
She started her symptoms suddenly on Wednesday afternoon right after she woke up from her afternoon nap.  At first I thought maybe she was just experiencing some hoarseness, but we quickly realized that she was dealing with some serious congestion.  We put her to bed fully expecting to end up spending the night dealing with a sick little baby girl...and we were right.  About 2 a.m., Hubby went and got our poor baby & she ended up sleeping in bed with me most of the night while Hubby headed to the couch.  She was feverish and just overall miserable, so cuddle away we did! 
We quickly decided that we would try to get her into the doctor yesterday, because with all the sickness going around we didn't want to put it off too long.  I'm not normally a dr-runner because I know that the majority of the time it's just a virus and all we can do is treat the symptoms...but a fever that won't break & chest congestion are two things I don't want to mess with. I initially left the dr's office a message and decided to go ahead and get around for the day in case they could get us in super early.  She kept trying to curl up on my bathroom floor so I knew she just felt awful. 
Her first official time using a pillow...
& after a few minutes of her looking just pitiful, I decided to grab a blanket, her cup of water, & her Cheerios and we set her up with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I finished getting ready. 
My view from the bathroom...poor baby!
Thankfully we were able to make an appointment for 2 pm yesterday afternoon, so Elyse & I cuddled most of the morning and I gave her whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. 
The doctor gave us the diagnosis of Croup, gave her a steroid shot, and told us to just rest up and relax for the next 3-4 days while the virus ran it's course.  I was expecting another night in bed with her last night but she actually slept through the night.  When she woke up this morning you can tell she still doesn't feel 100% but I'm certain she's on the mend.  The weekend will probably be  a little more laid-back than originally planned, but whatever we need to do to make our little girl feel better!
Ahhh...the joys of parenthood...but I can't say that I mind the cuddles at all!   


*~~Nancy~~* said...

Poor baby girl! Prayers for a quick recovery.

Megan said...

Oh poor thing, Amelia had croup when she was a little bit old than Elyse, we had an oral steroid, NO FUN. Praying for a quick recovery, nothing worse than a sick baby.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Poor baby! Hope she feels better soon.