Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013--Do-over Please?!?

Well this Valentine's Day was one that truly deserves a do-over.  While Hubby & I aren't over the top Valentine's Day revelers, we do like to appreciate the day & go the extra mile to express our love & appreciate for each other.  However, the first wrinkle in the plans was Elyse being sick over the weekend and continuing into the week...which meant we had a lot of times that looked like this...
No, I'm certainly not complaining...when she feels good I think she's decided she's outgrown the cuddle stage!  ;o( 
So...instead of Elyse & Momma running to Springfield for some last-minute Valentine's Day errands, or making Valentine's Day crafts for Daddy, or even buying Elyse a Valentine's Day present...we stayed at home, cuddled, and Hubby & I proceeded to also catch whatever virus Elyse is fighting off.  YIPPEE!!!!!
Hubby did come in the door on Wednesday night armed with a vase full of tulips, but ate a quick dinner and basically went to bed at the same time Elyse did...7:30 p.m.   
Thankfully Elyse & I were feeling enough better on the actual day of love to have lunch with Daddy, Papa & Gigi.  And let me just say...I ALMOST had my first official "my baby's growing up" really big sob cry when I realized that Elyse's hair is now long enough to clip a flower/bow/whatever in it without using a headband.  Cue the big fat, ugly alligator tears! 
Of course we had to go to lunch so Elyse could get a Valentine's Day present from someone...Papa & Gigi got her a big RED wagon to stroll around the neighborhood in! 


Elyse also had a special visit from Mamaw, who brough another bag full of Valentine's Day goodies...several fun new books, a Piggy Bank just for her "shoe fund," and a knee pad for Daddy to use when he gives Elyse baths.  Something he's only been requesting for going on a year!  ha!  I think she made out ok even if her parents managed to not have A. SINGLE. THING. for her on Valentine's Day.  Don't worry, I plan to fix that problem this weekend when we pick something up for her! 

Instead of fixing a fancy dinner at home, we instead opted for quick & easy carryout sandwiches from a local restaurant...finished off with my one homemade Valentine's Day attempt for the year...iced sugar cookies!  They were delicious and well worth the effort! 

 Maybe next week we'll attempt a Valentine's Day re-do...or maybe that will just make next year's festivities even bigger & better! If we're not sick again next year of course! 


Danavee said...

Sounds like a pretty good night anyway! Those cookies are beauties! Are they the famous Singer recipe?

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful day...OMG Elyse is too cute..look how big she's gotten!!

Melanie said...

Oh I feel your pain! Every year I cringe when Valentines Day rolls around because we've had the worst luck! Last year I had caught a 24 hour bug and was throwing up the entire time, one year Damon got hurt at work and gashed open his head (requiring several STAPLES), I mean its always been something or another!! You guys will just have to celebrate THIS weekend instead! ;-)

Meg {henninglove} said...

i hope she is feeling better and getting over the croup! the thing with kids is being flexible right. lovely tulips lauren!