Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lately...An IPhone Photo Dump

How is it possible that July is practically over...we've been running around like crazy this summer enjoying all that the summertime temps allow!  Which definitely is the reason for my lack of blogging participation...but honestly, it seems that all of us have taken a bit of a summer hiatus, and it's been a nice break!

In addition to a blogging break, I've really taken a bit of a break from lugging my big camera around...mainly with the intention of not carrying it around until I've learned to use it properly.  This is a work in progress, so for now....a bit of a catch up post via my iPhone & Instagram!

*Hubby had a great time on his golf trip but also managed to make Elyse & I feel for me & a balloon for Toot were delivered the afternoon he left!

*While he was gone, Elyse got some quality time with her cousins & grandparents!

*She also had a bit of a blip in the sleeping department and decided she needed to come sleep in our bed one night at 3 am...Hubby went and got her which meant Momma got pushed to the couch!

*Hubby & I along with my parents had an insurance conference at Lake of the Ozarks last was a fun time to get away and eat some yummy food.

*When we got back from the conference we headed to the wedding reception of some great friends who got married in CA back in June--it was a super fun evening complete with a photo booth!  But Elyse was WORN out so we called it a night fairly early!

*We had a playdate yesterday with one of my good friends' from college, we headed to the Discovery Center which is full of hands on exhibits and sciency things--most of it is a little bit too old for Elyse but they had several areas she LOVED!   As seen below...she passed out from all the fun!

More summer fun to come...which you can bet means more photo dumps and bulleted posts in the near future!


Murdock's mama said...

What is your IG name?

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Yall have been busy! Looks like a perfect summer to me.