Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Rewind...Food & Movies!

This weekend seemed to have the theme of yummy food & movie-watching!  It was a great weekend, and incredibly relaxing which was a huge bonus since the summer heat is upon us. 

Friday Elyse spent the day with my in-laws while we were at work, and we decided to just leave her there for a sleepover so we could have a nice date night.  There is a movie theater nearby that truly defines "dinner and a movie."  You get there about 30 minutes before the movie, and order from your plush, recliner...then the food is served about the time the previews start!  You can also push your little red button if you want refills or candy or popcorn at any point during the movie.  It's awesome!  We saw Lone Ranger and definitely enjoyed it; the humor is a little campy, but it was a great light-hearted movie. 

Saturday Hubby & I both ended up having the morning off because we closed for the holiday weekend.  We ran a few errands and then went to pick up Elyse.  We had a quick pizza lunch before heading home to put her to bed.  We had a ridiculously relaxing afternoon...I took a nap and Nick prepped for an upcoming trip. 

For dinner we grilled calzones on our Big Green Egg!  YUMMO!!!  They were delicious and will definitely be making a repeat appearance on our menu.  We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and put Elyse to bed fairly early...just in time to put a movie in.  This time it was the Amazing Spiderman which was entertaining, but I'm glad we saved it for a Redbox viewing. 

Sunday we headed to church and then had nursery duty...whew, 6 kids under 3 was a workout!  We grabbed a quick lunch at 5 Guys, oh how we love that place.  And then headed home to do some yardwork while Elyse napped.  Thankfully since we worked together, we were able to get the entire yard done in a little over an hour...which was a relief since it was 90+ degrees outside. 

We relaxed a bit in the air conditioner, but Elyse apparently worked up a sweat putting together her puzzles!  ha! 
We continued our yummy food weekend and whipped up some homemade ice cream to have after dinner.  Hubby added chocolate syrup to his, but I sliced up some fresh peaches and had my own version of peaches & cream!  Delish!
We finished off the weekend with a nice family walk and then another movie viewing for Hubby & I complete with popcorn.  This time it was Zero Dark Thirty, and while it was a little long, we enjoyed it!
It's a busy week around our house, my mom is VBS director so Elyse is going to that most days & Hubby has his golf trip coming up...the week is going to fly by and also move in slow motion all at the same time!  


Susannah said...

I love movie theaters with couches and food! We have a few here in Portland and they're some of my favorite date nights!

Danavee said...

I MUST try this theater out! SOOOOOON!!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds fun and yummy!

Six kids for nursery duty? You're lucky - ours is is like 10 to 1 adult most of the time! (o:

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i've been to one of those theatres before and it's so much fun. glad that you guys spend time together within the guilt...i think it's so important for couples to still do this...i am learning this as we go along!