Monday, July 1, 2013

And just like that...June is OVER!

Man, before we had Elyse it seemed like time flew by.  Hubby & I would plan from vacation to vacation or from big event to big event and just like that months would be over and we'd be on to the next exciting thing.  But let me tell you, when you have a child...time FLIES at warp speed and you blink and a month (or 2) has passed! 

I can't believe that June is over...which really for me just kind of feels like summer is halfway over.  Since none of my family is affected by the school calendar, our summer doesn't have an official "start" or "end" date like so many families--yet even without an official end or beginning, summer still has that same carefree feeling, one where you want to enjoy every single moment, and soak up every single ounce of sunshine and cram in an absurd amount of fun activities to create family memories. 

And so...for us, we're halfway through summer & having a blast!!! 

Friday evening we grabbed a quick dinner at a local Dairy Queen and then spent the evening at home.  Elyse was still getting over whatever sickness had plagued her so we chilled out, put her to bed, and then headed outside to the driveway to hang with our neighbors and watch our city's fireworks production.  I'm not going to lie, it was pretty least compared to year's past. But it was still a fun time and the weather could not have been better!

Saturday Hubby had a golf tournament that he played in and almost 100% completely organized!  So Elyse spent the morning with Gigi while I worked and then the three of us headed to Chickfila for lunch and to stop back by one of the houses we really enjoyed on the Parade of Homes.  The rest of Saturday was just some fabulous family time.  We worked in the yard, ate hotdogs and brats on our back deck, and took Bogey for a family walk.  Absolute perfection. 

Yesterday we had a great church service and then left Elyse with my inlaws so we could head to the lake with our good friends Tony & Dana.  The weather was really unseasonably cool and while I would have preferred 100% sunshine and about 10 degrees warmer, we still had a fun time on the lake and a nice dinner at a local Mexican place before meeting up with my in-laws to pick up Toot. 

And while June is over, we still have ALL of July & really ALL of August to enjoy some fantastic summer activities...and if either of those months are half as fun as June was, I'll definitely consider them a complete & total success! 


Susannah said...

It does sound like you're having a great summer! Summer weather just started here so I'm exited to start doing "summery" things. :-)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

It has been a weird summer for us too being in transition, but it is still flying by. Wait til Elyse starts blink and it is May again!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun summer! I don't know where June went either, ha!

Hannah said...

I know what you mean about time flying by. How is it possible it passes even quicker once you have a baby?! One minute it's April and all of the sudden it's July. How does this happen?!