Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday
Another week has gone by and it's now the second weekend in November...time always flys SO quickly this time of year!  Head on over to link up with April and the other fabulous ladies for this weeks' 5 on Friday! 
1.  I took a note from Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To and broke out the black, grey, and brown this week.  I was loving how it turned out & the cognac brown gave the whole outfit an extra pop!  Score for a stylish momma!  And if you haven't checked out Sheaffer's blog, DO IT! She's amazing and has some wonderful Christmas ideas! 

2.  I was wanting a new grey fingernail polish but wasn't willing to spend a fortune on it.  I spotted this soft grey Wet-N-Wild polish for $1.86 and figured it was worth a try!  I'm happy to report that I'm now on day 5 of my manicure and my nails still look fabulous!  Woohoo for cheap nail polish!

3.  I helped out my bestie on Wednesday by keeping her 3 year old little boy, Cohen.  Elyse & Cohen are besties already so I'm not sure why I was ever even a little bit apprehensive about keeping him!  They played hard all morning, ate a great lunch, and then both went down for naps!  It was actually an easy day for me because they kept each other entertained. 

4.  Yesterday my mom & I went on our annual Christmas Open House shopping trip and this year my MIL & her sister also joined up with us.  I bought a couple of fun new Christmas trees for my tree collection and also picked up this friendly, plush Santa from Pier 1.  This is the ONLY Christmas decoration that will be allowed out until after Thanksgiving.  I bought it in hopes of acclimating Elyse to the idea of Santa--so maybe we can avoid a screaming toddler picture this year!  ha!  I can always dream right?
 5.  And lastly...a little sneak peek of our family photo shoot that we had a couple of weeks ago...I can't wait to share all the rest of them next week!  Thanks Kaci @ YourStyle Photography, Elyse loved you!


Lindsey said...

I love that nail polish! It looks so pretty! I may need to go buy some now, thanks for sharing!

Hannah said...

Pretty nail polish color! It makes me want to go out, buy it, and paint my nails!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

are you the cutest or WHAT?! just started following thanks to the lovely linkup!!! loveeee that little tagline..."not lucky in anything special, just incredibly blessed by God!" YES! i've always felt like i've never had "luck" in life (as in...i can't even win bingo) BUT i've always known how blessed i am! luck, shmuck! GOD is where it's at!!!!! :) looking forward to reading along about your precious family!!!! xx