Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just some Elyse-isms

Elyse's vocabulary has gone CRAZY in the past few weeks and I am expecting that this trend will simply continue for the coming days, weeks, and months.  It's so exciting to see how her language is developing and also to actually be able to have a conversation with her.  Granted, most other people probably might not understand every word--and I also still don't understand every word...but I'm trying to grasp it as best I can. 

Just for my records, here's a few of the funny or just plain amazing things she's been saying recently...& of course also some random pictures that haven't yet made an appearance on the good ole' blog!

~Ah Nuts or Oh Man.  Hubby taught her the first one back during baseball season.  And unfortunately there were a whole lot of "Ah Nuts" when it came to the Cardinals World Series performance.  She also says Oh Man a lot when she drops something. 

~Down.  Sit.  At times you would think the favorite adults in her life had become canines.  If she wants you to play or read to her many times she will say. Momma down.  Daddy sit.  Gigi read.  (and in regards to sit, thankfully she doesn't appear to have much of a lisp so it comes out crystal clear and without any extra SH- sound thrown in!)  

~Sorry.  She doesn't quite understand the context of this word quite yet...because if someone bumps into her, she says "Sorry" as if it's her fault. 

~Elyse.  She is easily saying her name and understands that it applies to her.  Many times it comes out as -Lyse, but it's absolutely adorable when she talks of herself in the third person! 

~Hi, Baby.  Ever since I can remember, if I have been out of her presence for long, I will greet her with a sing-song version of "Hi, Baby."  On Saturday when I came home from work and walked in the door, she promptly said "Hi, Baby" in her adorable little voice.  Cue heart melting. 

~Possession.  She is quickly grasping that certain things belong to certain people.  Elyse's milk.  Momma's desk.  Gigi's house.  Daddy's shoes.  Momma's cup.  Pappy's car.  Mamaw's glasses.  Anything and everything, she likes to assign possesion. 

~Uh Oh Spaghettios.  This only happens every once in awhile, but it's quite hilarious.  It honestly comes out more like Uh Oh, Cheerios---so I'm not sure which food group she's uh-ohing to. 

~Counting.  Now this is one where I crazily started feeling some mommy pressure, I saw some Facebook videos and blogging videos of other kiddos that are Elyse's age who are counting to 10 on their own. We're not quite there, and I've totally let that issue go, but she does like to count.  However, we don't really like to say 1.  Everytime we ask her to count she starts with 2, or if we say..."Elyse, say 1..." she responds with "2."  Thankfully she's going to have her age downpat for her birthday in a little over a month. 

~Manners.  This one is another work in process.  She definitely knows what words to say and when to say them...but many times you have to prompt her with "What do you say?"  She will quickly respond with saying or signing Please or saying Thank you.  She says thank you many times without being asked, but we're still working on please.  We've also started working on "No, Thank you."  when she's finished at the table or doesn't want what is offered. 

~Sentences.  Now this is a pretty new development.  But she has recently started to put two words together in coherent actual sentences with a noun & a verb.  Daddy runs.  Daddy's fast.  Momma sit. Momma read.  However, on Sunday night she made a crazy leap and threw a 4 WORD SENTENCE in there...Big Cows Eat Grass.  Without any prompting.  This momma was standing there with her mouth wide open...she just said what?!?  She also just for fun said...Piggies Eat Corn.  Just a three word sentence but we'll take it!  ha! 

There are still SO many things that she says with such certainty and such conviction that I have NO idea what she's saying.  However, it's been incredible to catch a glimpse into this precious girl's mind as she is actually able to verbalize so much now! 


Melanie said...

Love it! As for counting..honey dont worry about that one..Makayla started counting to 2..by the next week she could count to 5..and a few days later she was all the way to 12! CRAZY!

Susannah said...

Awww... I loved reading this. So cute!!!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

How sweet is she?! Love that last picture!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness! She's seriously a child genius! I can't believe she can say so many things. Mac gets new words every week, but we haven't really put 2 words together yet or figured out a lot of these. The Hi Baby would kill me.