Monday, November 4, 2013

Hubby ran a Marathon (sort of!)

This past weekend was the annual BassPro Fitness Festival finale--which included a 5K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, and a Marathon Relay. 
Instead of running the half-marathon, as he has the past two years, Hubby put together a team this year and they ran the Marathon Relay.  5 runners who had to complete 2 5K's, 2 10K's, & a 12K.  Hubby was the anchor leg and had to complete the longest leg--the 12K which is 7.5 miles.  However, the other team members were able to meet up with him and they all crossed the finish line together. 
 Elyse & I helped to shuttle the runners from each location and also pick them up after their leg of the race was finished.  It was a long morning, with lots of waiting around.  Let me just tell you, entertaining an almost 2 year old for 4ish hours and getting in and out of a car is a job in and of itself!   
It was a fun time and we finished up with some yummy BBQ for lunch after they finished in 4 hours & 26 minutes. 
It was FREEZING outside at 7 in the morning!  Poor Elyse was a little overwhelmed with all the people!

The whole group, some ran the half-marathon by themselves, and then the marathon relay team of course!

The Starting Line during the National Anthem

Someone really wanted down and wanted NOTHING to do with pictures!

The final pass-off...

Where's Daddy?  She kept saying, Daddy Race, Daddy Run, Daddy Fast...absolutely adorable! 

The team as they finished together!

I may not have run the race, but I was exhausted after handling Elyse for so long--so while Elyse napped yesterday, so did I!  I figured I deserved it! 

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

Everyone deserves a good nap now and then! Good for your hubby for taking hte long leg!