Monday, November 11, 2013

Run to the Lights 2013

I run in 3 5k's a year....which means I'm NOT a runner.  However, I oblige my husband and since Zumba keeps me in fairly good cardio shape, I still always want to push myself a bit to actually run a race. 
Friday night was the annual Silver Dollar City Run to the Lights.  Let me tell you...that course is TOUGH!!!  Lots of ups & downs and hills...and if you've ever been to Silver Dollar City, you know the GIANT hill that goes down the left-hand side of the park towards the Saloon & Fire-in-the-Hole?  Yeah, that's the hill you have to come up in order to FINISH! was ridiculous! 
However, it is a fun way to start the holiday season! 
This year Hubby & I had to run some errands beforehand so we made a date night out of it and grabbed a very not-healthy dinner and stopped at the outlet malls to buy Elyse some new pj's. 
We headed to Silver Dollar City and met up with some friends so that we could all hangout during the race lineup...which in this case is very similar to herding cattle because we are all shuttled onto this small little side street...
All lined up ready for the race!
Hubby agreed to stick with me while we ran and we really had a pretty good time.  I was dressed a little bit too warm, and we walked most of the hills...but I finished.  And in a much faster time than last year's time 34:35, and I pushed ahead at the end to edge Hubby by a second!
I was EXHAUSTED after the race, and Saturday morning my legs were killing me...but it's still a fun tradition and as much as I gripe about it, we'll probably do it again next year as long as the weather cooperates!    
Hubby & I before the race in front of the big SDC tree!

A group of us from church before the race

After the race in front of SDC's giant wreath---the best we could with phone photos!


Sara McCarty said...

This is awesome! Iv'e never done a race at night. Looks so cool. Is Silver Dollar City really amazing for Christmas? I've heard good things. I'm just not sure we could stand the drive with Mac still hating the car seat.

Lindsey said...

That is so fun and the lights are so pretty!!