Friday, December 6, 2013

Silver Dollar City 2013 & Santa...Take 1

On Sunday evening, we ended up cancelling our last small group of the year & we invited Papa & Gigi to join us for a trip to Silver Dollary City.  We wanted to take advantage of the free passes we got from the 5K we ran a few weeks ago, and it's also just beautiful down there during Christmastime. 
And let's be honest, I also wanted to get another picture of Elyse with Santa--even if it was awful.  There are a ton of pictures in this post, but if you don't see any of the rest of them, the next one is all you need to see.  Needless to say, Elyse wasn't any bigger of a fan this year than she was last---maybe when she's 16 she'll sit on his lap!  ha! 
All dressed & ready to go! 

Official first family photo...

NOT interested in riding the bear on the carousel with daddy...
A little bit more interested with Momma! 
Time for a train ride!
Too much to see to look at the camera...
 And then it was off to see Santa...while I stood in line Elyse, Gigi, & Daddy checked out all the animals...and gave them all kisses!

First up the reindeer...

Kisses from Gigi too!  ha!

And then the brown bear...

And then the gold bear!

Ornery grin! 

Momma even sat on Santa's lap and that didn't help!
And then I abandoned her so we could get a picture of just her & Santa--yup I'm that mean mom!
My favorite part of the park...Geyser Gulch all lit up!
I have a family picture from this spot almost every year!
So blessed!
All ready for the Christmas Lights Parade--doing a little dancing!

And a little clapping!

Elyse was a little bit more excited to see Santa when he was far away!

oooohhhhing & aaaahhhing with Daddy!

She was happy with the princess...

Waiting for the Christmas tree on Main Street to start it's show!

We were both pretty excited when it began...

Can you blame us?!?

Daddy & his little girl!
 We had a WONDERFUL evening!  The weather was beautiful and just cool enough to feel like winter but not even cold enough for gloves!  Of course by the end of the night Elyse was done...this is what she said to any more pictures...haha!  Love this girl! 

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Great pics..LOVE all the beautiful!