Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sparkle & Shine...It's Birthday Time~PARTY!!!

With Elyse's birthday falling on a Friday, it only seemed natural to plan her party for Friday night.  This year we adjusted the guest list a little bit so we could include some of our good friends who have kiddos around Elyse's age--along with some of her other favorite people! 
After going back and forth on what I wanted Elyse to wear for the party, I decided to tackle the project on my own (with some help from my fabulous Momma).  I found the easy, peasy tutorial on Pinterest for a fabric scrap skirt and my idea was born.  Mom & I went to Hobby Lobby & picked out some fabulous coordinating fabrics and then in the course of a Saturday morning I put together Elyse's skirt.  Super simple & looked ADORABLE! 
She's very intense about telling us that "Number 2 up there" as she pointed to the giant #2 balloon!
My mom made the bow & headband along with the #2 shirt and then I found the perfect leggings at Old Navy to round out the outfit.  And of course...she had to have some gold party shoes which came from Target. 
However, let me pause for just a moment and insert a small story.  Elyse's party was supposed to start at 6 and I knew people would start arriving a little after 5:30--so about 5:00 I had Hubby take her to her room to start changing her clothes.  We got the shirt on, the leggings on, and started towards her with the skirt...only to be met with stomping feet and the beginning of tears.  "I don't like it. I don't like it.  No way momma.  No way."  I tried a few different things to get her to put it on--I even put it on my leg like a garter to show her how pretty it was...but she was NOT having it.  I had finally just resorted to the fact that my little girl was not going to wear my very first labor of love for her & it wasn't worth a full on meltdown on her birthday to change her mind. 
Finally, Hubby resorted to the tried & true parenting method of bribery.  A few M & M's in the cup and slipping the skirt over her legs while she watched tv and it was on.  And she was happy.  Until the guests started arriving and commented on "the skirt."  "I don't like it.  Off Momma.  Skirt off.  I don't like it."  Thankfully a few distractions worked in convincing her that she really did Like It. And for the rest of the night, guests were asked not to say the "s-word!"
We served the ever-popular & uber-easy pizza meal to our guests  

We voted on doing presents before cake & after most everyone had eaten we gathered up the presents and let Elyse go to town! 

She was definitely a little overwhelmed at first with all the attention and all the presents but she quickly dove in and after they'd all been opened..."more presents?"  No baby, there'll be more presents in just a few days at Christmastime!  This girl loves her presents! 

Why of course another present makes a great step-stool!

One of her favorite presents was her new bunny & a new book..."The Velveteen Rabbit"

Just a little excited!

We had cookies & cake for our guests...I just couldn't have my little girls' birthday party without having a cake with some candles! 

Baby Harper (my brother's little girl) even got to try a little bit of a sugar cookie...

A house full of kiddos! 

Even Papa got in on some cooking action...Chicken Noodle Soup of course!

Me & My bestie...Love this girl & the wisdom she provides as a momma of 3!

The birthday girl!

My Cousin Brian & Toot!  She was DONE with photos! 
Overall it was an incredible party.  So many came to celebrate our little girl's birthday and I was slightly overwhelmed with the love they poured out on her.  Spoiled rotten?!?  Maybe, but more like LOVED and LOVED and LOVED some more! 

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TOI said...

look at that cheeky smile, so sweet. her kitchen is so nice. i like the tradition you and hubby started for E's gifting occasions. she looks so sweet in her tutu.

happy birthday E.