Monday, December 9, 2013

Snowed In???...FROZEN Instead!

So like the majority of the rest of the country, we've been dealing with an early season snow storm here.  It started falling on Thursday morning and it really seems like there's been something falling from the sky ever since!  We've had snow and sleet and freezing drizzle and mist and snow flurries.  And apparently there is more snow coming tonight--as in another 1-2 inches.  Ughh....

I'm all for snow, but honestly I'd rather be skiing in it on the slopes of Colorado rather than having to get out and about and have normal life to deal with when there's 6-7 inches of snow on the ground! 

We did take Elyse out in it on Thursday evening, but those pictures managed to only make it to my computer at home--so I'll get those up in a few days. 

Even with the snow we had a busy weekend, and we've never been ones to let the snow stop the plans continued. 

Friday was our only free night and when we asked Elyse what she wanted for dinner she said..."NUGGETS!!!" So we did what any all-American family would do, we drove 20 minutes farther for dinner than we needed to so we could get Elyse nuggets from Chick-fil-A--because no other nuggets would do! 

Saturday morning we just hung out around the house, did some laundry, Hubby shoveled the driveway and then Elyse went down for a nap...because we had big plans for her afterwards!  With how well she watches movies at home, Hubby suggested taking her to see Frozen.  I was a little cautious, but she literally DOESN"T MOVE when she watches movies at home so I figured it'd be worth a shot! 

So...armed with popcorn, Reeses' Pieces, and Sprite, we made our way into the theater and found seats for the show.  And Elyse stayed there.  The ENTIRE MOVIE.  She didn't move except for when I lifted her from my lap to her daddy's lap.  And she was quiet...completely.  Except for when she would ask questions "Where'd the snowman go?"  "Where'd the princess go?" and my absolute favorite..."Mommy, Ana ok?" (in reference to one of the princesses). 
Heading to the theater with her Daddy!

Completely engrossed in the previews...she was NOT. going to look at me!
Needless to say, she LOVED it.  And I'm sure it will only be the first of many movie excursions for our family.  With popcorn, candy, pop, and a big TV--she's in heaven! 

And I have to be honest, as I sat there watching her on her daddy's lap watch a movie in a real theater--I might have teared up a bit.  My little girl...who's going to be 2 on Friday...isn't a baby anymore. She's growing up right before my eyes...and I honestly wouldn't mind it at all if the clock were FROZEN for just a little bit so I could soak her up. 

Sunday was our first family Christmas with Hubby's extended family that was a made a little bit interesting when one of his cousin's & his family were stranded on the Interstate for 3+ hours while accidents were cleaned up.  Yeah...definitely not a great time.  They finally arrived about 4:30 and we were able to have a quick gift exchange and some fellowship before we had to head off to another party!
Elyse & "her boys" Hunter & Jackson

She loves her Jackson!

Elyse & Mamaw
After family Christmas we headed back to church for our annual Christmas party.  Santa & Mrs. Claus were there, but Elyse definitely kept her distance--and we weren't going to push it.  It wasn't worth traumatizing our little girl who had no nap for another crazy picture! 
She gave Daddy a Christmas bonnet!
Each year, for the past several years, our church family adopts many of the foster families in our area--and we buy a gift for the foster children.  Those gifts are then all collected, prayed over, and delivered to the appropriate foster parents so they can wrap them however they want for Christmas morning.  It's so wonderful to see how such a small congregation can reach so many families with such a simple act.  And we just pray that God's love is shown to these kids and that they experience some hope as a result of a simple gift this Christmas.  
Just a few of the gifts that were brought to deliver to the foster families! 
I hope you're able to find somewhere to give this holiday season...Hubby & I have several different ways that we try to help those who are much less fortunate than us during this difficult time of year.  It's such a rewarding feeling to know that God is using us to show just a little bit of Himself in the form of a small gift.  I guess that certainly hasn't changed much over the years! 


Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

I'm dying to see Frozen. My mom took my son to see it last weekend and they loved it. I might have to drag the hubby to go see it with me;)

Allison said...

I've been wanting to go see Frozen too! Did you really like it?

Stephanie Hartman said...

Oh I know what you mean with the snow days.. Here in CO it was -8 on morning dreadful... It was to cold to do anything EEKK!!

Looks like yall had a wonderful time at the movies. That's awesome she did so well for yall..