Monday, March 10, 2014

A Swinging, Showering, Swimming, Sunshiney Weekend!

Oh it was a wonderful Spring Weekend!  Saturday was a little rainy, yucky & cold...but yesterday & the promise of more beautiful weather this week made it totally worth it! 
Friday evening we spontaneously decided to stay at my parents' house for dinner & to allow Elyse to enjoy the sunshine.  She LOVES her swing at their house and couldn't get enough of it! 
Saturday morning Hubby headed to work while Elyse & I headed to a baby shower for one of my besties...she is having her second little boy at the end of April & I had volunteered to help out with some of the shower food.  The shower was "sprinkle" themed and we served brunchy food.  My proudest accomplishment were the mini-pancake stacks.  How cute are they?  A Pinterest idea for sure, but they turned out even better than I thought they would! 

The hostess did a great job with the decorations, but sadly this is the only decor picture I managed...FAIL. 
 I also didn't snag any photos during the shower other than this one of Brooks (the older brother) & Elyse having blueberries together...maybe one day we'll be able to say this was one of their first dates!  ha! 

Saturday afternoon we just stayed inside and rested up for the evening. I've mentioned that Elyse is taking swimming still to come...and the place where she goes offers open family swim on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 3-5.  We met up with some mutual friends who have a little girl only a few days younger than Elyse and had a blast swimming with the kiddos.  Elyse is getting so much more comfortable in the water...but her favorite part of the swimming lessons/swimtime is always getting to see Dori & Nemo in the fishtank.  Such precious kiddos! We finished up the evening with pizza & froyo...a perfect family night out with friends! 

Yesterday we had a great church service & then came home for lunch & naps.  Well...a nap for Elyse.  Running for Hubby.  Painting for me.  It had been WAY too long since I had done some touchups around the house so I finally got to work.  The windows were open, and it was just an enjoyable afternoon. Oh how I love the smell of fresh air flowing through the windows!
Hubby had a meeting back at church later in the afternoon but Elyse & I took advantage of the sunshine and Daylight Savings Time with some much deserved playtime outside!  Our neighborhood is full of older kids and she was definitely running around with them like she belonged! 
What toy should I play with next?

Riding in style! 

Trying to figure out this whole tricycle thing..

She'd really rather sit on it than ride...ha! 

Fresh sidewalk chalk is the perfect picture of Spring!

This is apprently serious business!

Contemplating going back to play with the kids...

She decided that if she didn't say "bye bye" to the older kids then she didn't need to go inside!

This picture makes her look WAY more angelic than she is!  But I love it!
 While we were outside I realized that my crocus were blooming...a sure sign that Spring is on its way!  Yippee! 


Hannah said...

what a cute idea for the mini pancakes! they look so good! :) I might have to remember that and try it out some time.

Melanie said...

Spring will be here before we know it! Great pics..LOVE her ponytail!!

Sara McCarty said...

Love it! What a difference in weather! I'm finally starting to feel human again now that it's a bit nicer out. Your photos are gorgeous! I love that one of her with the chalk and the one with the sunflare. So pretty. Here's to it FINALLY (maybe) being spring!

TOI said...

Spring is in the air, the weather makes so much difference to our mood. I love you photos, all of them. Also Elyse tricycle, red is my colour :)

TOI said...

I forgot to mention the pancakes, I'm detoxing but this week I'm taking a break so I'll eat some pancakes ;)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You guys are so busy! Love the beautiful weather!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I love the shower decor in the window..pinning now!