Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fishes in the Ocean, Fishes in the Pool!

Before Christmas Hubby & I were discussing various activities for Elyse to enjoy this Spring, and the one that we were most interested in was swimming lessons.  My parents have a pool & I'm a beach lover...so being able to swim is a must! 
I actually ended up with gift cards for 3 months worth of swimming lessons for Elyse for Christmas and we finally got started back during February.  Our facility limits the classes to 4 students, they keep the water super warm, and we also have access to weekly family open swim time on the weekends which is a nice bonus! 
We started out and are currently still in the Babies & Me class which is where I'm still in the water with her. We'll move up to an Aquababies class soon...but for now I'm actually enjoying the activities while being with her in the pool.   The first few weeks she was not quite sure of what was going on as it was such a new environment.  Hubby went with us to snap a few pictures, but Elyse constantly just kept saying..."OUT!" so he couldn't really get all that close!   

The second trip Elyse was more excited to go, but this time she REALLY wanted out once we got in.  And she kept hollering DADDY!!!  So...he left and went to the viewing area to hide while we had our quick 30 minute lesson. 

And then finally on the third trip she was COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE.  She's getting so much more at ease & willing to be by herself in the water or to kick off on her own while she's in her little pink ring.  I don't think it will be too long before she transitions into the next class where she'll really start learning to kick and paddle on her own. 

We have enough gift cards to get us through the middle of May, and I really hope we can continue going even after summer arrives.  It's such a fun time for us and lots of time Hubby goes along with us and we make a family date night out of it.  Our little fish is learning to LOVE the water...can't wait until summertime so we can enjoy the pool even more! 


Melanie said...

Looks like fun!

Megan J. said...

So cute!! Where are you taking her? I'm going to start Elliot in May. Maybe at the Meyer Center.

Susannah said...

What a fun and necessary thing to do with your little girl!!! :-) She'll be swimming in no time. :-)