Monday, March 3, 2014

Pink Bunny Robe Sunday...and other things...

It was another Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde weekend as far as the weather was concerned...but we still had lots to do, so we forged on.  Friday & Saturday it was actually fairly nice, and then overnight on Saturday everything went downhill...FAST. 
Friday evening we just grabbed a quick dinner at McAlister's before heading home for a relaxing evening.  We played with Elyse's toys, watched a little bit of a movie with Elyse & then Hubby & I watched Parenthood before heading to bed.  Oh how I love that show, even if I always end up teary-eyed at some point during the show. 
Saturday morning Hubby headed to work & Elyse & I went to Zumba.  Oh how this girl loves to "BUNZA" with me.  She loves to dance with the girls, and she loves to dance up front, and she loves to help my bestie lead the cool down at the end.  And for all of you who wonder who she looks like...I'm totally seeing how she looks just like me in the picture below! 
She even has her own fancy Zumba pants for getting her groove on! 
Oh how I love this girl, and I love even more that she wants to BUNZA with her momma! 
We met up with my in-laws for a quick lunch on Saturday.  We were having a belated birthday celebration for my SIL and Elyse was thrilled that she got to see her two cousins, Hunter & Jackson.  Elyse was in a crazy mood...which meant, no pictures.   However, those quick lunch outings with my family or with my in-laws are such a sweet reminder of how blessed we are to have family nearby. 
Saturday afternoon we just relaxed at home while Elyse took a long nap & then we headed to a special event for my brother.  During his senior year of college my little brother set the NCAA record for ALL DIVISIONS for the number of receptions in a single football season...145!!!  The record still stands for Division II, but for that one year, he had caught more passes than any other college football player...ever.  On Saturday evening, he was inducted into the Southwest Baptist University Hall of Fame for his tenure as a player there...and of course we went to support him.  I failed at taking practically any pictures, except for him giving his acceptance speech. 
Congrats little brother, your big sis is so incredibly proud of you!  Not just for football, but for the man you have become!

Sunday we woke up to lots of frozen stuff falling, but not enough to cancel church.  So...we got up & around & planned to leave for church in plenty of time.  However, with a two year old...things never seem to happen as you hope. 

First up...Elyse needed a bath, so Hubby tackled that job.  Only to be treated to a lovely present in the tub....yup, Elyse pooped in the tub (for only the second time ever).  I finished up her bath in our master bath while Hubby took cleanup duty. 

Sidenote: Later at breakfast I pretended that Mickey Mouse was on the phone when Elyse said it was for me.  Mickey & I pretend chatted for a bit before Elyse took the phone back and proceeded to tell Mickey..."Mickey, I pooped in my bathtub."  I guess confession is good for the soul. 

Elyse really wanted to put her jammies back on so I compromised by suggesting she put on her pink, fleecy, bunny robe that she had NEVER worn.  I honestly thought I'd have to fight her to put it on, but she very quickly became attached to Rabbit.

And thus...The Pink Bunny Robe Sunday was born. 

We ate breakfast in our robe. 

We went to church in our robe.
We cooked at our kitchen in our robe. 

We ate lunch & colored with Daddy in our robe. 

We watched Sheriff Callie's Wild West in our robe. 
We took a nap in our robe & woke up to continue some light reading our robe.   
And we played in the kitchen stacking cups in our robe.  

The robe was NOT coming off.  Until I finally convinced her that we should take it off for dinner so we didn't get Rabbit dirty.  She then carried it around as a blanket for the rest of the evening and cuddled with it as we wrapped up the night with a little bit of a movie. 
I texted a picture of us on our way to church to my mom & MIL...stating that this was first true pick your battles experience.  My dad asked what battle I won...and it was that she wore clothes under the robe to church.  Hey, everyone at church thought it was adorable and it just wasn't worth the fight.  Plus, she was the cutest pink bunny I've ever seen!  
Pick your battles...I mean, what's so bad about wearing a pink bunny robe to church?!?


Susannah said...

Your little one is far too cute!!! :-) I love that she does zumba with you! :-)

Melanie said...

That is too funny! I don't blame her though..that robe looks pretty comfy!!

Sara McCarty said...

She seriously gets cuter with every single post. I love the pink bunny robe Sunday! What a doll!

henning love said...

oh my gosh that robe is the cutest thing ever!!! what a doll

Kate @ Daffodils said...

congrats to your brother- that is awesome!

Callie said...

Oh my goodness - she is so cute with the bunny robe! How funny!

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

Really, I can't stop laughing. The things toddlers do... wonderful! Sometimes is just alright to go to church in a pink bunny robe :)