Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life Lately via Instagram

We don't really have a whole lot going on right now...well besides house related stuff.  And to be completely honest I have lost a little bit of my blogging motivation; however, I love having this to look back on as a record of our daily lives...so I will plug on and keep updating it. 

1.  Spring seems to finally have sprung around here..and we had some quality outdoor time over the weekend.  I really am going to miss our neighbors when we move.  We have such a good time just hanging out in our driveways and watching the kiddos play. 

2.  Elyse is in this stage where she wakes up from her nap but isn't always ready to actually be up...which means we wrap up her nap with some pretty fabulous momma/daughter cuddles.  Check out those eyelashes and those pouty lips...this momma isn't complaining about some extra snuggles!

3.  We had two house showings last Thursday...one at 10 am and one at 6 pm...and I refused to clean my house twice.  So...I plopped Elyse in front of the tv so I could finish picking up early in the morning, we went to a friends' house to play during the showing, came home for nap, and then she watched a bit more tv while I made a few more adjustments before the evening showing.  We had some great feedback, but no offers yet.  I'm getting a little impatient...mainly because having a house for sale with a two year old is a lot of work! 

4.  Yesterday was Opening Day...what?  Is Opening Day not a National Holiday in your house?  Of course we all sported our Cardinals colors in celebration! 

5.  I've decided that when buying a new house we should really have some sort of "new home" registry so that I can replace all the stuff that I got back when we were married!  I've got my eyes on a new bed (ours is only a queen right now I'd love a King-sized), a new living room area rug, a new dining room table, a new entertainment center......but I'm for sure keeping all of Elyse's furniture, our couch, and our oversized chair...so that counts for something right?!?  I'm trying to use self-control until we actually have possession but it's oh so hard!


Sara McCarty said...

I can't even imagine trying to keep a clean house while living with a tiny little 2 year old tornado. There's no way we could ever keep anything clean! We've thought about putting our house on the market recently too, but it just sounds like so much more work than we want to commit to right now (yes, we are that lazy). We'll be in our house for the rest of our lives.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Awweee! Love your adorable little family!!! :)