Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Midweek Photo Dump

I just realized as I was loading my phone pictures onto my computer, that I had several pictures that hadn't made their way to the blog.  That probably has something to do with the fact that I'm lucky to get in one post a week...and I still need to post about our little family getaway to Kansas City...but one thing at a time! 
Just a few days after we visited Fall Fest @ the Farm, my mom took Elyse over to my aunt's house so she could ride horses there.  Elyse could not have been more excited and she definitely didn't have much interest in leaving! 

Last week I painted my toenails for what will most likely be the last time this pregnancy.  Don't look too closely, they are a mess.  I'm thinking pedicures from a salon are the only option for me from here on out! 

One of the biggest jobs I had to do was reorganizing Elyse's closet, and organizing Nora's.  This included sorting through all of Elyse's newborn clothing to see what was clean & reuseable and also going through all of Elyse's current clothing and packing away what wouldn't be worn for a bit.  It took two weekends and quite a bit of work...but we ended up with two very organized, very stocked closets full of little girls clothes!

Elyse doesn't always have much interest in playing babies...she would rather do puzzles or color or play with playdoh...but she has recently been paying more attention to them.  I think she's going to be a fantastic big sister...we just have to get that death grip that she has on baby's head under control!  

My goofy girl isn't all that excited about wearing her Halloween in she may not wear it at all...but maybe we'll just put socks on her hands as "mittens" and panties on her head as a "hat."  I mean, what more do you need?!

One of the biggest things we ordered in preparation for Nora's arrival were two, count them TWO, new swivel, rocker-recliners.  Hubby and his dad went and picked them up last week and they have found their new official home.  I can't wait to put these to LOTS of use with both Elyse & Nora.  

This girl.  There are no words.  She brings joy to my life that I never knew existed. But man...she has no idea how her world is about to be rocked!  ha!  


Sara McCarty said...

Elyse is so stinking cute. I'm amazed at your awesome fully stocked closets! That's fantastic! I still need to go through all of Mac's clothes and put away what's he's outgrown. Look at all those tiny little outfits. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow?!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Good for you for organizing the closets! I still have mess of boys clothes I need to sort through.

I am sorry your grandma wasn't able to be there, but I am sure she is proud of you and those sweet girls!