Monday, October 27, 2014

Nora's Nursery Reveal

Last week and over the weekend I was able to finish up a few details for Nora's nursery, so I figured it was time to share the finished product!  Gigi is still working on a few pillows, but otherwise all this room needs now is Baby Nora! 
*detail links posted throughout
Wooden Name Sign:  MoonSnailCreations via Etsy
Paint Colors:  Sherwin Williams Begonia & Dishy Coral?  (not certain on these) 
You can see Elyse's original nursery reveal here and even though we moved back in May, everything pretty much stayed exactly the same.  I knew that when I started planning Nora's nursery, I wanted it to still be girly, but lighter, more airy, and still something that she could grow into.  We also knew that we were going to buy a second crib for two reasons:  1.  Elyse is still sleeping like a hibernating bear and I wasn't about to mess with that.  & 2.  Elyse's crib actually converts to a full-size bed so it didn't make any sense to buy another super-expensive covertible crib/bed this time around. 
Swivel Rocker/Recliner: La-Z-Boy Rowan (I honestly can't find the specific fabric color
NightStand:  HomeGoods
Floral Embroidered Knit Blanket:  Nordstrom
However, when we bought Elyse's nursery we bought the matching crib, chest of drawers, & hutch/changing table combo. avoid buying ALL new furniture for the new baby, we moved the hutch/changing table into the nursery & the chest of drawers now holds most all of Elyse's clothes that don't go in the closet.  This worked well, except her furniture was the super dark Espresso brown, so I had to work with that to still get the light, airy, girly feel I was going for.   
Hutch/Changing Table:  Baby Appleseed Davenport Collection
Wire Bow Holder:  Hobby Lobby
Hamper:  Walmart (similar here)
Colored Spools, Glass Pacifier Jar, & Follow Your Heart decor:  Hobby Lobby
I found several inspiration nurseries on Pinterest, and used details from all of them to pull together a nursery that I'm pretty smitten with.  The thing that I love is that you can actually see parts of the nursery from the living room, and it simply makes me smile as I look in there! 

Top Left:  Vintage 1 Samuel 1:27 art (this actually hung in my room the entire time I was growing up)
Bottom Left:  Frame - Hobby Lobby, Print - Printable Wisdom via Etsy; Middle:  Frame - IKEA, LOVE Print - thewheatfield via Etsy
Right:  White Shelf (who knows?!?), Coral Vase & Floral filler - Hobby Lobby

Lamp:  Target ; Table Frame:  Unknown
One of the things I'm most excited about, just as I was with Elyse's room, is the bedding and window treatments...because Gigi made them!  This time around Mamaw also had a hand in helping out with some serious ironing and I'm so thrilled that the major points in Nora's room are a labor of love from her two fabulous grandma's. 
Window Valance & Curtains: Handsewn by Gigi & Mamaw, all fabrics from Joann Fabrics

Crib Sheet, & Ruffled Bed Skirt:  Handsewn by Gigi, all fabrics from Joann Fabrics

Ribbon Mobile:  DIY, all ribbon from Hobby Lobby

This is actually the view that I see from the hallway...I know I'll be spending many long hours in this nursery room, rocking and nursing, and snuggling my new baby girl!  And trust me, I've already tested it out, there's more than enough room for this momma to hold a baby in one arm, and have a precious toddler girl sitting next to her.  Those moments are what I'm dreaming of now. 


Sara McCarty said...

Gorgeous! I love the striped wall! And the name. And the valance. And the frames. And the blanket. Ok, all of it! Great job, mama!

Susannah said...

Oh my goodness, her room is super cute!!! I love all the colors!

Brittney Galloway said...

So cute! I love all of the little details!

Melanie said...

I am in LOVE with the valance!! Great job in bringing it all together!

Megan said...

It's beautiful! Love the colors.

TOI said...

I love colours, so all the pop of colours cheers me up :)