Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Hubby & I started off the weekend with a reminder of why we don't have an indoor dog & why we haven't decided to have children yet....Josie. Gosh I love this little girl, but she is a handful...especially during the night. We had her overnight for 3 nights last week and every night she would wake up about 3 hours after falling asleep and wouldn't go back to sleep unless I put her up in bed with us. Josie darling, I love you but please start sleeping through the night again!

As for the rest of the weekend, Hubby was given the option of taking off work either this Saturday or last Saturday, so he chose this week and we headed off to Kansas City for a shopping day. SHOPPING SPREE FOR ME!!!! Since Christmas, I have been saving up extra cash here and there so I could buy some new clothes for our trip. I was super excited!!! Before we left, Hubby surprised me again with an end of tax season present. I love surprises so I was thrilled when he came in with a big box tied with a satin bow & opened it up to find this inside!!!

A new COACH purse!! It's covered in sparkly sequins & I just love it!!!

Sure tax season isn't quite over, but he wanted me to have it for the shopping trip! Is he the best hubby or what!?!?
We got into KC right at lunchtime and grabbed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We managed to hit up the Country Club Plaza, Oak Park Mall, & Town Centre Plaza. I hate it when my favorite stores aren't all in one location! I picked up several cute things & still have some money left. I'm stlil searching for some great beachy dresses. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory & were absolutely worn out. We just headed back to the hotel, watched some basketball (I managed to lose both of my Championship game teams in the same day--Kentucky & K State--BOOO!!!), & crashed for the night.
We came home fairly early yesterday so we had time to catch our breath before small group. It was the perfect opportunity for a self-portrait photo shoot. So now...without further ado...I give you my new look! Whaddya think?

A shot from the front...

and one from the side! I love how it's stacked up in the back & edgy in the front!

We were also finally able to have a quick birthday celebration for Bogey. I'm still searching for a great new toy but I'm sure he won't hold it against me. Hubby picked up another peanut butter cake from Three Dog Bakery, but definitely a little smaller than last year!

Proud momma!

It cracked on the ride home, but Bogey loved it anyway!

Hubby trying to keep him away for just a few more seconds---he can't hardly stand it, look at that tail go!

Licking up the peanut butter frosting!

Hubby broke off pieces of the actual cake & Bogey would sit just perfectly still until he threw a piece into the air!

YUM! Gotta love that frosting!!!

As usual, we finished off the weekend with small group. I'm loving our new study! I'm also trying to get in some good walking, because I tried on a swimsuit this weekend & just wasn't all too thrilled about my reflection in the mirror. We walked 2 miles last night at a great pace, did jumping jacks at each corner, & did an ab workout when we got back--whew, my abs are killing me today! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here this week so more working out will definitely be on the schedule!


Ria Thurston said...

OKAY! YOUR HAIRCUT IS CUTEEE :) Love that Coach purse too, wowza.

Megan said...

That purse is amazing, I love it! I also love your new hair cut! SO CUTE!

Kathryn said...

Your hair is SUPER DUPER cute! I love it and wish mine would look like that!