Thursday, April 8, 2010

Down for the Count

When I woke up yesterday morning I was prepared for a typical day, work 8-5, have my nails done on my lunch hour & a trip to visit Hubby's mom during the evening. However, everything fell apart about 12:30...right in the middle of my nail appointment. I have a condition called vasovagal syncope. I don't talk about it much, but you can read a fairly comprehensive post about it here. Recently I had been fairly proud of myself because I hadn't had a serious reaction since that last post which was in the Fall of 2008. Most of that has to do with the fact that I hadn't been in any situation for a trigger, but even the last time I had blood drawn at the doctor's office I made it through with flying colors.

Yesterday during my nail appointment I had the perfect storm. One of my nails had split way down into the nailbed & my nail tech was trying to fix it with some extra acrylic...however, in order to do that she had to apply some primer which is probably 100% alcohol. It started to burn & I tried to fight through it, but within a few moments I was up out of the chair and headed to the small room that contains the pedicure chairs--the only place I knew I could even slightly recline. I knew I was going to pass out & wanted so badly to stop, but by that time there was nothing I could do. I remember a few things...asking the nail tech if the chair reclined & allowing her to apply some non-burn spray and the next thing I remember is being surrounded by about 6-7 women and hearing my name over & over....Lauren, Lauren honey wake up, Lauren, Lauren. As I came out of the deep fog, it hit me...I had actually passed out cold at the salon.

Yup, right about now I sound like the biggest wuss ever; however, like I said it was a perfect combination of issues. A vasovagal reaction always has a trigger & I think mine is pain--sharp, hurting pain. I was unable to grab lunch beforehand so I was hungry, & I was probably completely dehydrated because I'd had little to nothing to drink during the morning...combine those with a little bit of strong, burning pain, & it was a recipe for disaster. I have gone to the same hometown salon for probably 12-15 years so everyone there knows me & is practically like family. You can imagine how scared they were. And so was I.

Since I work for my dad, my parents were nearby but had gone to inspect some properties for the business over lunch and were about 30 minutes away. My mom, the SUPERMOM she is, was able to calm me down & give orders over the phone like nobody's business. One girl got a fan, another grabbed several cold towels, another grabbed a Reese's cup & a Sprite for some sugar intake, & she even sent one to Subway so I could get some real food on my stomach. Oh those girls are all my angels!!!

The biggest problem this time was that I hadn't eaten anything for about 4 1/2 hours so I had a really hard time recovering. To make a really long story short, my mom had another one of the girls' from our office come and pick me up because I was still in no shape to drive. Apparently I was still completely pale when I got back to our office & I simply curled up with a pillow & blanket & went to sleep. Once my parents got back from their business errands, Mom took me home & I was able to sleep the rest of it off.

Once I woke up I actually felt 100% better, just a little tired from all that my body had gone through. My mom called my doctor and had a conversation with her, with the end result being that it sounded like my typical reaction & if I was feeling better today that everything was probably fine. Well, I am & we were still able to make it to see Hubby's mom for dinner.

Today I'm feeling great, but just wish my fingernails weren't half done...I'm going back tomorrow to have them finished. Don't worry, she won't have to apply the stuff that made it burn again (wow, don't I sound childish?!?) I did managed to get my toes painted as well...Mom told her to do anything to take my mind off things & I ended up with cute toes.

(Oh and for those who are thinking it...I'm almost 100% positive I'm not pregnant!-just a girl who has a weird reaction to pain!)

The End...and feel free to laugh a little cause I am, it's funny now Mom!!!


Kathryn said...

Oh honey I'm so sorry! How scary and I don't think you are a wuss at all.

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Brittney Galloway said...

Wow, I'm glad you're alright! That sounds so scary!

Pocketfull of Pink @ 5th Belle Ave said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad to hear that you are okay and feeling better today! Whew, I bet those nail technicians were in quite a frenzy, haha. At least it makes for a great story! I hope you have a wonderful (and drama free) weekend!

Juliana said...

Oh wow...I am so glad that you are ok. I do not think you were childish at all in wanting to go back and get them done. I hope you have a nice rest of your weekend!