Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Rewind

I LOVE weekends in the Spring!!! It seems like the opportunities are endless when the weather is so beautiful! Hubby & I had a fabulous weekend full of fun stuff.

Friday we made plans with our very best friends Derek & Andrea for a double date night. We had dinner at a local mexican restaurant...yum! And then what could make a double date night better than going to see "Date Night?" Hubby loves Steve Carrell & I think Tina Fey is just hilarious so it was great! It was short & definitely a little unrealistic but just a good, mostly clean movie that made us laugh for an hour and a half! We finished off the evening with Andy's Frozen Custard...if you're ever in the Springfield area you've got to try it! So unhealthy, but oh so good!

Saturday morning we both had to work, but had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted! No plans on a Saturday...woohoo! We worked outside in the yard, I even helped Hubby mow a little in the back & I worked in a little time to lay out in the sun to get some color. Might have gotten just a little too much, but just a little soreness. We cleaned up a bit & headed to a local nursery to go tree shopping. We've decided to put another tree in our yard, this time a decorative one & the options seem pretty endless. After going back & forth, I think we've finally made a decision and have plans to go pick it out & put it in the ground probably next weekend!

We finished up the Saturday with Hubby at the driving range while I sat on a blanket & read a book. Yes, I probably looked like a dork but I love that Hubby didn't mind me joining him. I think one of the best things is watching the person you love so much do something they are passionate about. Watching Hubby golf is honestly so much fun for me & plus it just means spending more time together! We grabbed pizza for dinner and took a great walk with Bogey to finish off the night.

Yesterday we had church where we're starting a new series on prayer. It's based on a small group study we did back in the fall & it's going to be so good to hear this all again. Prayer is something that is so hard to understand & comprehend at times so I just love hearing about how to make my prayers better & maybe even more effective.

After church we grabbed lunch, ran a few errands & then came home to enjoy the beautiful weather. I headed outside to our deck with a book & some sunscreen to catch a few more rays & Hubby did a few little projects around the yard. We also had small group & then came home to enjoy a victory at The Masters for Phil Mickelson & a great 2 mile walk with Bogey. Hubby decided we need to cap off the night with a nice fire in the firepit sitting on our new loveseat. this is the life.

I didn't take any pictures this weekend except for the ones below. I spent an afternoon back in the fall planting a BUNCH of bulbs. Let me tell you, it was so worth it...I mean take a look at this color!
The entire bed
red & yellow double tulips...they look like miniature peonies!
Such vibrant, beautiful color...I've gotten so many compliments from our neighbors!
Love the detail on these flowers!

I just wish tulips would last all summer...they are so fun & summery!

Another tulip variety...Parrot tulips this time!
I just love the frilly edges!

These are so big & so heavy that they probably won't last very long, but they are gorgeous while they last!

Finally, some good old traditional tulips in a great color mix!

I have several that are still waiting to pop! I'll definitely be putting some more of these beauties in the ground next fall!

If you want some fabulous early Spring color, I highly recommend getting your hands dirty in the Fall & reaping some of the rewards!!


Risley said...

love it! great colors!

Mrs. A said...

wow your flowers are beautiful!! I only hope ours look half that good when we get it all done.

Alissa said...

Oh my goodness those flowers are beautiful. They make me want to run outside right now, but then again it's not too sunny right now. Well they put me in the spring spirit!

Casa Cannon said...

your flowers look awesome!

Heather said...

Lauren, the flowers look amazing! I love the color and tulips are my favorite! SOunds like a lovely weekend, I love having nothing to do on a Saturday, it's the best!

Heather said...

Girl, how am I now just seeing that you have a dog named Bogey? So do we!!! ha, so cool, he's a golden and still in TN with the in-laws!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

wow the flowers are beautiful!