Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Whew...what a weekend! It was definitely one of those where you come back to work for a day of rest. I feel like Hubby & I ran from one event to a house project to another event to another house project. We got a ton of stuff accomplished, but man a busy weekend wears me out!

Friday has typically been the relaxing night of the weekend & this time was no different. Hubby was off work since it was the annual CPA holiday, or April 16th the day after the tax deadline. He played golf with a friend & once he got home we went out to dinner. We tried a new to us Italian restaurant and unfortunately we were less than impressed. I'm not sure if it's what we ordered or what, but I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon. We came home after dinner & had plans of getting caught up on Biggest Loser. Hubby achieved that goal; however, I didn't--I think I was asleep in the recliner by about 9:00!

Saturday was our first crammed day! We started out fairly early with a first for Hubby. His first 5K to benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. He gave in to peer pressure from the guys in our small group & they all decided to run in the event. In all 7 of the 12 people in our small group competed & 4 walked away with medals...including Hubby!!! He got second in his age group with a time of 27:11:06...not bad for only a few weeks of training. I was so super proud of him! Yes, I was lazy and stood near the finish line to be the official photographer. I've never been into running so I was content just to watch.

Our small group was representing!

Pushing toward the finish line! Go Hubby Go!

Hubby & his first 5k medal! Way to go!

After the race we headed off to our favorite nursery to pick out a new tree for our backyard. We already have a nice, big maple but I was wanting a decorative tree to put near our deck. With the help of the nursery owners, we decided on a Viburnum tree. It's basically a hybrid tree that is a cranberry bush grafted to a tree's supposed to have amazing fall foliage & berries & nice green leaves during the Spring & Summer. More on the tree in a bit...

After tree shopping, we both worked in the yard to get the mowing done for the week. Hubby has finally started to let me help in the backyard even though he's so particular about the yard!

This is what happens when a yellow lab follows your every move as you cut the end up with a dog that has green feet!

We were in a serious hurry to get the yard done as we had a family wedding to attend late in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day for a wedding & everything went off just perfectly, complete with a ring gag from the groom's attendants. My mom & I along with some other family members were in charge of the cake cutting & drinks. I was helping out with cake for the first time & let me tell you, it's definitely not the easiest job in the world. However, cake tastes the same whether it looks good on the plate or not so no worries! We stuck around to help with the cleanup after basically everyone had left. It never ceases to amaze me how much work a wedding can be & also how little help you can get at times when you don't specifically ask for it!

The Happy Couple...Josh & Callie Jo Maher!

The cake & beverage crew!

Can't forget to save the topper!

Hubby & I

Most all of the women on my dad's side of the family...minus just a few!

We finished up the evening with pizza & the 20-inning St. Louis Cards vs. Mets game! Seriously, a 20 inning game...that's just stupid!! The Cards ended up losing that one, but I can't hardly thinkg they minded after 6 hours & 53 minutes of baseball!

Sunday brought more fun & events starting off with our morning church service. We're doing a series on prayer right now & it couldn't be more applicable to my prayer life...or lack of prayer life. After church we grabbed a quick lunch, ran to Lowe's from some extra supplies & got busy in the backyard. Hubby decided we would save the money from having the nursery plant the tree & he would do it himself. He did a fantastic job...the tree looks amazing! While he worked on the tree, I tried to keep Bogey out of the way & also put together a few planters for the deck. I just love planters that are overflowing with colorful flowers!

We've got the tree in the for some quick landscaping!

The finished project getting a good, long drink!

One of the planters on the right & our new patio furniture. We're still waiting on a couple of chairs & we still need to buy an umbrella but I love the wicker!

Another angle & the other planter for the deck. I just love our outdoor living space!

In typical fashion, we finished off the weekend with small group & a walk/run (this time) with Bogey. We still had plenty to do, but I finally made us sit down at 9:00 so we could catch up on Lost and at least have a few moments to catch our breath before starting a new week!

Silly look so innocent so why did you have to dig up all the mulch around our new tree while we were gone to small group?!? Unfortunately we weren't surprised!


Ria Thurston said...

SO great post!! Love all the pictures :) You and your hubs are SO cute!!

Lindsey said...

What a great weekend! Loved the pics!

Lindsey said...

What a great weekend! Loved the pics!

Joelle said...

LOVE the wicker set!

Heather said...

Your backyard looks great!! I love the new tree, beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, great pics of all the girls, congrats to your hubby for finishing the race! So glad you guys had a great weekend!

Kathryn said...

The yard looks fabulous! And as always, Bogey is so stinking cute.