Monday, April 5, 2010

Wonderful Easter Weekend

I honestly can't remember the last time that we had such gorgeous weather for an Easter weekend. It was definitely a blessing from God that the weather was so nice.

Good Friday ended with a rainy evening, but just your typical spring rain. I had Friday afternoon off work and spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning our house from the dirt, dog hair & other filth that had accumlated over the winter when we would bring Bogey in for visits. It was definitely a great feeling to have everything looking so clean...if only it would stay that way. We originally had plans to cook dinner in, but after my hardwork I wasn't about to mess up my kitchen again--we headed to McAlister's instead for a yummy dinner. The rainy evening gave Hubby & I plenty of time to relax and catch up on our tv watching from the week. Once springtime hits, we get behind quite often since we spend so much time outside & seem to have so many other plans.

Saturday managed to be a gorgeous, but very busy day. It started off with a bridal shower for my cousin who's getting married on April 17. I of course failed to grab my camera so no photos of all her goodies & all the family in attendance. After the shower my mom & I had lunch with my dad & brother. It was so great to have a lunch with just the four of us...that rarely happens anymore now that we're both married. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have our spouses along with us but it just takes me back to our childhood when it's just four of us sitting around a table having a meal.

After lunch I headed home to change & help Hubby with some yardwork. The grass really came in last week and was super thick. I just love how great Hubby makes our yard look--there's just something about a freshly cut yard that makes everything feel so much better! We rushed around finishing up the yard, changed again, & headed to my parents' house for the annual Easter gathering. My parents' have always been the host for this celebration & we had a great turn out. This year we tried having it on Saturday evening to accomodate for everyone, but no matter when you plan it there are always conflicts so I think we'll be going back to Easter afternoon next year. We still managed to have great food (traditional BBQ), fun, & of course the traditional egg toss--always a big hit--especially for those that end up having their hands covered in raw egg.

The raw eggs...all ready for tossing! We had home grown brown eggs this year & they would not bust!

All lined up & ready to go. My partner, my Uncle Sid, decided to be funny and toss two eggs at one time the first toss...I managed to catch one of them & the other actually didn't break. We only lost because I didn't catch the egg & it hit my parent's walkway...concrete & raw egg don't mix!
Hubby & I after the prizes but family pride!
Hubby & I attended church together on Easter morning & it was a great service that discussed the question "How Good is Good Enough?" Aren't you so thankful that it's not about being good, but simply accepting the free gift that God gave us over 2000 years ago! Hallelujah that I don't have to worry about being good enough! Since we had our big family Easter celebration on Saturday, Hubby & I decided to head to Branson to enjoy a nice lunch & the beautiful weather. We ate at Branson Landing, walked along Lake Taneycomo & took a nice drive before heading back home. Hubby had plans of heading to the driving range, but those were scrapped when we realized the wind was blowing so hard that the golf balls might come back and smack him in the head. We'll have to work in the driving range one night this week.

Easter morning with Hubby--a windy, sunny morning makes for a very squinty-eyed photo!
We were able to have dinner with my parents and have great even though we didn't have traditional Easter dinner on Easter Sunday, we were still able to gather around a table with family & have a great time. The evening was capped off with a great walk & some simple prep for the week. I can't believe Easter has come & gone...time seems to fly by!


Kathryn said...

How cute are you! The Easter morning picture is great!

Brittney Galloway said...

For some reason, I've never thought of doing an egg toss on Easter, haha! I love your green dress!

Alissa said...

That raw egg toss looks so hard. I've done the one where you have to pass from spoon to spoon but never the toss. Looks like a wonderful Easter!

Mrs. A said...

Love your Easter sunday outfit you two are adorable together!

Mrs. A said...

Love your Easter sunday outfit you two are adorable together!

Heather said...

I am so glad that you had a great Easter!! You look beautiful in all these pictures!! I love your striped shirt, so cute!! I love egg tosses, no idea, why, probably my competitive nature!!

In this wonderful life... said...

glad you guys had a happy Easter!! cut pics :)

Callie Nicole said...

I'm glad you had a great Easter! I love that last picture of you guys - you're outfit is so cute! And those blossoms on that tree are beautiful!