Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mom's Day 2010

A few days ago on the radio, a female country star (I can't remember who) said that she & her mom are best friends so really Mother's Day is just another day to celebrate her best friend & their incredible friendship. Well, I feel exactly the same way. My mom & I have a priceless relationship and she truly is my best friend. We talk at least once a day, see each other most days, & I tell her almost everything. God truly blessed me with an incredible mom who loves me unconditionally & has ALWAYS had my best interest in mind.

Thanks for...
~singing The Unicorn Song to me before naptime when I was a little girl
~teaching me how to bake
~being my mom when I needed guidance & support
~fixing breakfast, lunch & dinner for our family each night so we could have meals together
~being my friend when I needed opinions on fashion, boys, & life
~taking mom day's with me to go shopping for whatever we might desire
~always having my best interest in mind even when I thought you were crazy & just being mean...oh how thankful I am for you watching over me
~sending me off to school each morning with a kiss...even when I started driving myself instead of you dropping me off
~taking us on family vacations to teach us about the world & how important family time can be
~helping me plan my wedding day while living at home with you & dad, I had the time of my life!
~for showing me what a loving, Godly, wife & mother is supposed to look like!

I love you mom, here's to many, many, many more years of being best friends!

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Casa Cannon said...

Love the pictures! And, I love your mom too!! She is so great! Miss you guys!