Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Rain, rain, please STAY away! This morning actually started with sunshine & not rain clouds for the first time in about 5 days. YUCK!! According to our local weatherman, we've had about 5.4 inches of rain in the month of May and all about .15 of it came in the past week. That's over 5" of rain in a week! Ughhh...bring on the summer sunshine!

Needless to say any weekend plans we hoped to have this weekend were washed out. However, we made the most of the weekend & Hubby was able to get in some good, quality study time.

Friday night I was ready for a night away from the kitchen so we went to Qdoba & had a quick meal. We had plans to play cards with some of our friends and we had some free time before we were supposed to be there. So...we took advantage of the extra time & decided to satisfy our dreams by driving around one of the super nice neighborhoods in the area. We LOVE to dream about our future & what our dream house might look like someday! Definitely most of those homes are WAY in our dreams, but no harm in dreaming right?

We had a great time playing cards & spending time with our friends Derek & Andrea and their kiddos Dawson & Lydia. Nick was able to play Wii with Dawson and I allowed Lydia to "pretend" cut my hair before they headed off to bed. I even had the privilige of reading Lydia a bedtime story because that was the only way she would agree to go to bed. They are such precious kids & it does make me hope for a cute little family one of these days.

Saturday started off with more rain & I headed to work while Hubby stayed home to study. I spent the afternoon being a housewife by doing laundry and cleaning up around the house. We also both managed to squeeze in a nice nap which was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!

Saturday evening we headed out to run some last minute errands for our Mexico trip & to pick up a late Mother's Day gift for Hubby's mom since she came into town last night. We live about 15 minutes from the original Bass Pro Shops and that was our first stop for some water shoes (not Aqua Socks! ;o) and also a mask & snorkel for each of us. We have plans to do some snorkeling & we both agreed that it's just a little weird to use the rented equipment! I don't want to stick a snorkel that a hundred other people have used in my mouth.

We had dinner at a local Chinese restaurant similar to PF Chang's. They have the BEST lobster wontons aka lobster rangoon! We quickly stopped at the mall for some jewelry for Hubby's mom, grabbed Hubby another new swimsuit & we headed home. It was such a great evening together with my wonderful husband!

Yesterday we woke up to more rain & rumbling thunder which made it incredibly hard to get out of bed for church. But we made it & enjoyed a great sermon about the landmines every couple can experience in their marriage. After lunch Hubby headed back into our office to study some more while I headed to Walmart for our weekly shopping trip.

Insert venting moment: They have recently completely updated our local Walmart & everything was absolute chaos for awhile! I dealt with it in order to recognize the need for improvement & just hoped for the day when everything would be complete. Well, they are done & it is still chaos! They have the sugar on one aisle & the flour on the next, part of the ceral on one aisle & the rest of the cereal/breakfast items on the next! Yes I realize I'll get used to it, but come on. I'm all about marketing strategy but that's being a little ridiculous! End of venting...

Mid afternoon we headed to the airport to pick up Hubby's mom & came back to the house for a bit before small group. It was our last official small group of the year but we've already got two different bbq's on the calendar. After small group we grabbed pizza and had a quick dinner before taking Bogey for his first walk in about 3 days. Poor guy, he's been stranded in the soggy, swampy back yard with all this rain.

We've got lots to do this week, Hubby's test is tomorrow-say a quick prayer, or a long one if you want, our anniversary is Wednesday & Saturday we leave for Mexico! I better get to packing!


Lindsey said...

Saying a quick prayer for your hub and his test!

Kathryn said...

Sounds like a great weekend...except for the rain! And you know I approve of your food choices. :-)

And from your other post - I know what you mean about reading reviews. I get a bit obsessed with them too. It's hard not to!
I'm sure your trip will be fabulous...can't wait to hear all about it!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, they redid our Walmart recently too, and it WAS chaos. I know of what you speak. The layout is relly weird now, and it's hard to find things. I kind of wish they left it the way it was. Oh well.

Alissa said...

I hope the test went well today! I can't wait to hear all about MX, how exciting. I love that place.