Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Rewind

As you can see, things have been a little busy around our house since I'm just now getting to the weekend rewind post. We had lots going on this weekend & had an absolutely fabulous time!

I just had to show you our clematis...it's going crazy this year & looks beautiful growing up the side of our house!

Friday night we grabbed a quick dinner at our local dairy queen, ran a few errands & headed back home. I ended up not having to work on Saturday morning so I made a quick decision to participate in the neighborhood garage sale. I spent a couple of hours gathering & organizing things from our closets, cabinets, & other hideaway places. We actually ended up with quite a bit of stuff--and good quality stuff that we either didn't use anymore or was just taking up space! Hubby was in charge of pricing everything and as he put it...everything was priced to move. We weren't really looking to make a ton of money I just wanted to get rid of the stuff!

This is what we started with...

So...I woke up early on Saturday morning to have the doors open by 7. The weather was gorgeous and in our little neighborhood I bet over 12 families set up shop! Hubby headed to class so I was left alone to make some money. I should probably say at this point that this was my first garage sale to host, my mom wasn't big into garage sales so we always ended up giving our stuff away to charity or sending it to someone else's garage sale for them to sell. So basically, this was a first for me!

The morning was incredibly busy with SOOOO many cars on the streets, it was crazy! By the time noon rolled around I was definitely ready to close up shop & I'd sold about all I figured I would...I actually made $130 in a little over 5 hours! Woohoo!

Out of everything this table is all we had left!

After the garage sale I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning house & packing up for a quick getaway to St. Louis. For a combined birthday gift & end of tax season present, I bought tickets for Hubby & I to go see the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday afternoon. Hubby got home from class about 4, we grabbed our stuff & headed out. We managed to get a quick bit of shopping in on Saturday night so I could get a few more things for our Mexico trip & then we called it a night. We headed over to Busch Stadium fairly early & I was ecstatic when I saw where our seats were! I'm gonna brag a minute...they were fabulous! We just love going to Cardinals games together! So fun!

The view from our seats
Of course we stuffed our faces with hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, & a cup of Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Not a healthy day, but that's not what ballpark food is all about! It was a beautiful day at the ballpark complete with a great hit by Mr. Albert Pujols to close out the game with a victory! Cards 6, Reds 0!!!
Fredbird was definitely celebrating the win!

Mr. Pujols with a postgame interview!

What a great way to celebrate Hubby's birthday & another complete tax season!

After the game we hopped in the car & headed home. We managed to get home in time to do some other work around the house & take Bogey for a nice long walk. I'm sure he wasn't too thrilled about us being gone! What a fabulous weekend!


Alissa said...

Wow you guys did a great job at the garage sale, aren't you glad you participated? It's always nice to clear out old stuff you no longer need.

Ria Thurston said...

Looks like a BLAST! sooo cute! :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

fun! and cute pics! congrats on a successful garage sale! :)

Lindsey said...

Cute pics! Looks like a fab weekend!