Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Weekend Rewind

Well, all in all, 28 definitely isn't so bad. I had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of fun times and lots of gifts!

The snow began to fall again on Friday afternoon. This time it was beautiful since the wind wasn't blowing too terribly hard! The flakes were huge and it piled up really fast! I think all in all we ended up with another 3" or so.

With the snow falling, so we were slightly delayed in getting to our dinner reservation. Thankfully it wasn't a huge deal, and I had a fabulous dinner with Hubby & my parents. Flash-fried spinach & calamari for appetizers, a perfectly cooked filet, and creme brulee for dessert...heaven!

We drove through the beautiful snow and came back to our house for the most important part...Presents! I had several packages from my parents & my traditional birthday box from my in-laws. I am so incredibly blessed! I hadn't really asked for much, just a request for nothing long sleeved...I'm ready for Spring! My mom and dad bough tme several items from Apricot Lane Boutique (a store similar to Francesca's) and my in-laws filled a box with more wrapped boxes from Francesca's! It was definitely a birthday filled with clothes & shoes, which really couldn't make this girl any happier!

I'm in love with this photo from my new camera! Thanks mom!

My birthday package from the in-laws! It just makes me smile when I get this in the mail!

I think that's a look of joy as I open a fun pair of Antonio Melani peeptoe pumps!

My dad took advantage of some leftover bows & put one around the neck of my boy Bogey...I'm not thinking he really liked this all that much.

Saturday was a free morning for me while Nick was at work, but I got busy cleaning & picking up the house. I am such a neat-freak when it comes to organization and the crazy weather from last week left our house a mess. Not to mention all the white/yellow dog hair that filled our floors from Bogey spending LOTS of time in the house! I'd just about had it so I grabbed my vaccuum & my Swiffer & got busy. I don't even want to think about the amount of hair I collected! Ughhh...I don't think I could ever handle a full-time house dog!

Saturday afternoon was another Missouri State Bears game, thankfully we pulled out a was ugly, but a win's a win! After the game, Nick & I made a few quick stops and then headed downtown for fondue & drinks. We opted for a mexican cheese fondue for dinner, followed by white chocolate raspberry dessert fondue. YUM!

Please forgive the "through the screen" photo...but I couldn't get a good angle. Apparently Bogey loved the snow so much he decided to take a nap in it! Silly boy!

Sunday was a very full day with church, a baby shower for my best friend from high school, and then my birthday/Super Bowl party at my parents' house! I failed to take any decent photos at the baby shower, I think all the cuteness might have had me distracted. After the shower, Hubby, Bogey & myself headed down to my parents' for the annual Superbowl gathering. It's just a small group of family & friends, but I love it! If you want to watch the game you can or if you want to sit and chat there's the right amount of people to do that as well. We had all the wonderful bad-for-you food and enjoyed a good football game with those people we love the most!
Me with my cupcakes...chocolate w/ cream cheese icing, & strawberry w/ strawberry icing! Delicious! My dad is responsible for the decorating, always the creative one!

More Antonio Melani shoes...this is the store brand for Dillards and probably my favorite brand of shoes, so comfortable & stylish for work!

My friend Dawson helped me blow out the candles...there's getting to be a lot of candles on my cake!

Definitely nothing to complain about from my birthday weekend...except for the fact that we still have snow on the ground and they're calling for 1-3" more later this week. I so enjoy spending time with my favorite family & friends and that's just what I got this weekend. I also ate way too much...using the excuse -that it was my birthday weekend, I can do what I want! Hopefully our community center will be open again tonight so I can get back to my running routine!


Kati said...

What a fun birthday weekend! I'm a little jealous of all the shoes you got! :) And, that box from your in-laws is nice! Your birthday outfit with the green is super cute! I love it!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

1. You are too cute!
2. Those photos are awesome, especially the snow one!
3. Glad you had a HAPPY birthday weekend - you deserve it!

Have a sweet week, Blessings :)

Jennifer said...

Glad you had a fun birthday weekend!

I love the picture of you guys in the snow - very cool how it turned out!

Laura said...

That picture of you and your hubby in the snow is perfect! So glad you had such a great birthday weekend! :)

And I can totally relate to the husband having to work on Saturday - How long until busy season is over?!

SUMC Guest Services said...

Love the picture with the snow!!! SO awesome. What size shoe do you wear anyway??? ;)

5th Belle Avenue said...

Happy Belated!! I looove the pictures! Birthdays are the best; so glad you had such a great one!!