Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Well, it's day 2 of Blizzard 2011. The snow has stopped here and the winds have died down, but the conditions are less than ideal. We've got highs today in the single digits with windchills below zero. Nick headed out to work this morning and just called to say he made it safely. With the high winds, the snowplows couldn't keep up so while the roads are snow-covered, there's actually quite a bit of traction from the ruts & unevenly packed snow. I'll be heading to work shortly, my goal is to be there around 10...we'll see how that goes.
We both enjoyed a snow day at home yesterday. The conditions weren't terrible when we got up, but they drastically got worse as the day went on. It was a first for us, with snow days from work not being all that common. We spent the day lounging around, catching up on the DVR, and trying to keep warm. It was so nice to be able to stay home and not worry about getting out in the treacherous weather!
It started sleeting here overnight and transitioned here into snow about 7:00 am. It snowed...
and it snowed...

and it snowed!
Finally, a little after lunchtime we got a small break & we all headed outside to play in it for a bit. Nick spent most of his time trying to clean off Bogey's patio & our driveway.

Nick wanted to have a snowball fight with Bogey, but I think Nick definitely had the upperhand!
Bogey still wanted to play fetch, even with 7-8" of snow on the ground.
We then headed out to the frontyard, hoping to maybe get started on clearing the driveway. The front looked just as bad as the back, with snow starting to drift and creating some really deep areas!

Our front patio, definitely a little snow-covered.

Our snow angel from the last storm volunteered to come over and help Nick clean the driveway. Our precious neighbor has a snow-blower and it worked incredibly well to clear most of the snow away. It was amazing how much snow was filling our drive!

How about that plume of snow?!

Using the snowblower, was definitely a lot easier than trying to shovel the entire thing.

Unfortunately, after the driveway was mostly cleared, the winds came & the snow started to fall again...and the snow began to fill all those cleared areas. However, I'm still really glad we got a headstart on it because otherwise the drifts would have been hard to manage.

We brought Bogey out into the front yard to play with the kids & our neighbor's dog Bella...he had a fabulous time and was definitely ready for a nap when we came back inside.

We made the decision early on to stay inside and not venture away from the house, but by the time dinner came we were going a little stir crazy! Domino's Pizza was open so we loaded up & headed out to pick up pizza & Dr. Pepper for dinner! Definitely a good decision. On our way home, I noticed a puppy running down one of the side streets and it definitely looked the little guy was someone's pet. Nick pulled over and called out to the dog, and he promptly came right to our car. Thankfully he had a nametag with a phone number & Moose was quickly reunited with his owner. Apparently he had followed him off when he went out for a drive! I'm so glad we came along, the poor little guy would have been frozen after the cold temps last night!

The sun is shining in our windows this morning, but I'm not counting on any major melting for several days! It seems that most of the country is dealing with heavy, heavy snowfall & ridiculously cold temps! Thankfully, Mr. Punxatawney Phil didn't see his hopefully an early Spring will be on it's way!

Oh and just in case anyone was wondering...My 28th Birthday...t-minus 2 days! Woohoo!


Kati said...

The dogs are adorable playing in the snow! I wanted to put my cat in the snow to see what she would do, but I'm sure she would freak out...haha. I wish one of my neighbor's had a snow blower...we are going to have to venture out and shovel our driveway here soon. I'm jealous you were able to get out of your was impossible here last night!

Bethany said...

Love hte pics of Bogey, too cute!