Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elyse's 1st Halloween

So this is going to be a post simply full of lots of ridiculous cuteness...but a girl's first Halloween must be properly documented, so just bare with me or "mark it as read" if you want.  

We really don't go all out for Halloween at my house, but of course Elyse had to have a "My first Halloween" onesie & some Halloween books!

& Papa decided that Elyse must have the obligatory "baby in a jack o' lantern" photo shoot...

& then of course there was the costume.  Which in the spirit of full disclosure...I DID NOT MAKE! Yes, someone did make it & we bought it off from an Etsy seller.  Do I wish that I could break out my non-existent sewing skills and whip something like this up...yes.  Did I?  No.  

We actually went trick or treating two nights in a row so we could catch everyone before Elyse's bedtime.  We hit up my family last night, starting with Papa & Gigi's house. Her treat included Goldfish, yogurt melts, & some orange halloween toys...all perfect for a 10 1/2 month old.  

Next up was my Grandpa & Grandma Smart's house...where Elyse picked up two cans of puffs!  

& then my Grandma & Grandpa Herndon's house...where Elyse got 2 rubber ducks.  

& finally we made a quick stop at my Aunt Belinda & Uncle Clyde's house...where we got some treats for the adults!  
drool much?
We started again tonight about 5 & hit up our neighbors across the street first, who are pretty much our adopted grandparents!
  & she was excited...until their precious puppy started barking!  ha!  

She quickly calmed down & made friends with the puppy...and then we headed to my in-laws house...
 ...where Elyse met up with another creature in costume!  Poor Lucy!  Elyse had already received her "treat" from Mamaw & Pappy, an adorable U of Michigan track suit and stocking cap!  She'll be breaking it out for basketball season.  
 Uncle Nick even stopped by to see his sweet peacock!  
We finished off the evening with a stop by our church's trunk or treat...but it was really basically time for bed already & Elyse was OVER having her picture taken in such a ridiculous outfit!  

Overall I would say that Elyse's first Halloween was a major success...but we have set the bar high for her costume next year! My only failure...not getting a picture of Elyse with Papa & Gigi, we might have to dress up again this weekend for a quick photo get ready Papa & Gigi!


Amanda Anderson said...

GAH!! Elyse makes the most ADORABLE peacock ever!! What a sweet costume!

So glad your baby girls first Halloween was such a success :)

P.S. you look so great, Lauren!!

Lindsey said...

Cutest. Costume. Ever.

kendra @ little almanac said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Elyse looks ADORABLE!! I love the peacock costume. Great buy :)

Sara said...

Oh, I love her! I love the costume, love the pumpkin, love it all! Happy first Halloween Elyse!

Melanie said...

LOVE her outfit!!!!!

Kristin said...

Found your blog through Callie's mom feature and love it! Looking forward to reading lots more :)

Amanda said...

that is one of the cutest costumes i have ever seen!!!!! i love it!!!!!

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

your daughter is adorable! i'm a new follower and found you through laura (the luckiest in love) and glad i did! your blog is super cute and these pictures totally made my day :) hope you'll check out my blog too!

Megan said...

She looks adorable!! Love the peacock outfit!!