Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Rewind~Lawyers, Football, Birthdays, & Naps!

Well, it was certainly a busy weekend!  And I've just now had time to sit down and actually compose my thoughts of everything that happened.

The weekend started early for Hubby & I as we took off work on Friday & traveled with my parents to Jefferson City, MO (our state capital) to see my little-brother be sworn in as a big-time lawyer! We left Elyse with my in-laws--THANK GOODNESS!--and drove up for the quick ceremony.  The ceremony WAS quick, the waiting beforehand was not...but I'm super glad we made the trip to support my brother in his new career.
Little brother with his very important license in the Supreme Court chambers of the State of Missouri
Nick & my SIL Millie along with my parents
Inside the Missouri State legislative chambers
The candidates were all seated on the House Floor
Being sworn in
Between being sworn in for both state court & federal courts, the process took most of the day but we were able to enjoy a nice lunch as a family on our way back home.  I'm super proud of Nick's accomplishments & if his success in past endeavors is any indication...he'll be a fabulous attorney.

Friday evening our family business was recognized at the local high school football game as being co-sponsors of a brand new scoreboard at the football field.  In conjunction with that we also threw out several t-shirts to the crowd...which wasn't many since the weather was quite nasty!  We had actually left Elyse with my in-laws for the night since we were going to be out past her bedtime...but we still headed home fairly early and we were in bed before 10!  ha!  We're such an old married couple!

Saturday morning I had to work and Hubby went to pick up Elyse.  After lunch she took her afternoon nap and then we headed down to Hubby's sister & BIL's house for our nephews' joint birthday party.  They are 4 & soon to be 7...I can't hardly believe it!
This picture cracks me up because it wasn't that long ago that Hunter could easily cradle Elyse in his arms.
The birthday boys & their toys!
Playing with Daddy!
Sunday was expected to be a long day & it certainly didn't disappoint.  We went to the first service at church with plans to have nursery duty during the second service...however, not one kiddo showed up so we left & ended up having an impromptu lunch with my in-laws.  We then quickly headed home so Elyse could nap and Hubby & I were also able to catch a quick nap before we headed out for the next item on our agenda.
Check out my little blond-haired, blue-eyed baby girl!  
Our small group went through some transitions earlier this fall & so first up was a meeting with our "old" small group just to hang out & catch up.  We just hung out & chatted it up for awhile & then the girls decided to take a quick roadtrip for some frozen custard while the boys stayed behind & watched the STL Cardinals game.  Don't worry, we brought some back for the boys as well!

Next up for the evening was actual small group.  Normally our group can take a topic & drag it out for almost an hour & a half...thankfully, the study we're doing right now lends itself to shorter meetings which is honestly a good thing for us.  Elyse is READY for bed by the time we leave so shorter small group gatherings are certainly not a bad thing at this point in our lives!

It seems like it's already been a busy week with so much going on...but tomorrow I'm home with my baby girl & besides a trip to Walmart, we've got NO plans!  Which is probably a good thing since I think we've got some more teeth coming through....


Megan said...

Wow...sounds like a busy weekend!! I love that y'all went to support your brother. What an amazing moment!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Congrats to your brother! You must be so proud of him. :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Your weekends are always so packed lady! Love love the pictures of your brother...how exciting!

Sara said...

Congrats to your brother on his swearing in! Such a big day! I remember it being very long and very boring. Glad you stuck it out (I don't even think my parents did).