Friday, October 12, 2012

Where's Elyse's Voice?

So Elyse & I have been battling a little bit of a virus this week with basically the only symptom being drainage that is causing a sore throat & what I think will be the eventual loss of voice for both of us.  Yeah, did you know that babies could get hoarse?!  Yeah, me neither...I just never thought about it.

She is starting to sound like a little man and her voice cracks when she cries, laughs, or talks.  It's seriously the most pitiful thing, but sounds so adorable!  I was determined to get it on video & this is what I got this afternoon.  Please ignore my lovely chicken wing-tickle monster...for some reason she thinks that elbows are absolutely the most hilarious thing ever!

Thankfully we both feel basically fine, we just both sound terrible.  As you can little girl just really hates life!  ha!  She's so incredibly happy all the time...even when losing her voice!


Danavee said...

That GIGGLE!!!!!!!!! HOW CUTE!

Sara said...

Ahhhh!!! So cute!! Killing me!!