Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

It's election day & as with every major election, I honestly can't hardly wait for all the election hoopla to be over.  I know that voting is an incredible right & something that every citizen should feel privileged to participate in...but my head is so tired of hearing all the negativity about this candidate or that candidate and all the misconstrued stories about who did this or that. 

Hubby & I already voted today, as I hope you all will as well.  Vote for your values, your morals, those things you hold dear to you in your heart & soul.  Regardless of the outcome, God tells us to respect our leaders...whether we agree with them or not.  He asks us to pray for them and to pray for wisdom as they make decisions that affect our entire country.  So as the numbers come in tonight, I hope to have prayer on the mind...that whoever is selected to lead our country would do so with their eyes & ears turned toward God. 


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I couldn't have said this better...there was so much hatred phewing!!