Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Rewind~Ready to Run

This weekend was pretty much all about Hubby.  He had his big 1/2 Marathon race today so that's pretty much where our thoughts were focused when planning our activities for the weekend.  

Friday night we had a family date night for the first time in several weeks.  After work we headed to downtown Springfield for dinner at a favorite spot, Blu Sesame.  It was a nice evening & still fairly early so after dinner we went for a quick walk around downtown, and grabbed dessert from The Cup to go.  We hadn't had a relaxed evening out with just the three of us in awhile and it truly was perfection!  
Daddy & his girl!  
Saturday morning Hubby had to work so I stayed home with Elyse & made a trip to Walmart.  Elyse actually still enjoys trips to the store so it's not a big deal to take her...I'm sure that won't last forever.  Elyse & I both took naps while Hubby went & picked up his race packet & then it was time to get ready to head down to my parents' house for the evening. 
For some reason I think they look just alike in the photo...maybe one of my new favorites!
One quick outtake...we almost always take Bogey with us when we go to my parents' house & this time was no different.  Hubby let him out of the backyard & he ran around to the front just like always...I was standing near the back of the Jeep encouraging him to jump in when something completely unexpected happened.  Apparently Bogey thought a closed trunk on the back of our other car, looks EXACTLY like an open hatch on a Jeep & he actually jumped into the back of our car!  Like he almost jumped up on top of it...I can't even hardly explain it to you...but it's in the running as one of the most ridiculous things I've seen him do. Of course then he wouldn't jump in the back of the Jeep for fear of rejection again, so Hubby ended up having to lift him up...silly dog.  

We had a wonderful dinner with my parents & brother & sister-in-law...a carb heavy meal so Hubby could get energized for his race.  

Today was race day.  It was honestly a good thing that daylight savings time ended today...because it definitely made the 7:00 start time, 5:10 alarm seem not quite so early!  We might up with Hubby's parents & waited for the official start.   We were able to see him along the race route 3 different times and then we made it to the finish line as well.  He finished in 1:56:43...a little over 3 minutes under his original goal of 2 hours!  Way to go Hubby!
Having a stare down before the race...she really wasn't excited about pictures today!  
The National Anthem before the race began. The race was part of the Bass Pro Fitness Festival .  
"Running" across the starting line...more like a slow walk with the crowd of runners!
Doing good @ about the 4.5 mile mark...the first time we caught up with him...
Hubby's cheering section, Myself & Elyse, Hubby's parents, & my parents--next year we're bringing obnoxious signs & noise makers! 
Still smiling at mile 7...
Waiting on daddy to cross the finish line...
Running to the finish (& a really crappy picture because I was trying to take pictures & cheer at the same time!)
A family photo with a less than cooperative Elyse!  ha!  
I am so proud of him for reaching his goal...I'm definitely not a runner, so I have so much respect for all of those people who are!  I'm more into cheering instead of running!  ha! 
Another shot at a family photo @ Steak & Shake...Elyse just wasn't feeling it today!  
My bestie made Elyse a cute onesie for her first race experience and since it was chilly I forgot to snap a photo...just further evidence that Elyse was not excited about being in front of the camera today.  Her shirt said Run, Daddy, Run & then said Team Layman on the back.  Super cute...but apparently she did not want to show it off! 


Danavee said...

HAHAHA! She is NOT HAPPY! Congrats to the husband! How does he DO IT?!?!?!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Lol at final picture! Way to go to your exciting! You do definitely train with's the most exciting event ever!

Joelle said...

that's great!!